Hands to Hold, Hell to Pay

After ten years of defending Earth with Torchwood Three, Lilithanadir is going home. But is she ready to face another person from her past? Or worse, someone from her father's? A rewrite of series 3 of Doctor Who.


7. The Never Ending Drums Part One

“I can't hold out much longer, Doctor!” Jack shouted from here he was holding the door shut against the Futurekind. The Doctor activated the sonic screwdriver while the Master started up the time rotor.

 Oh, no you don't! End of the universe. Have fun. Bye, bye!” the Master shouted from inside.

 Doctor, stop him! Help us! They're getting in!” Martha cried.

The TARDIS dematerialized.

Lilith swore in Gallifreyan.


The Doctor grabbed Lilith’s wrist and set the coordinates on her vortex manipulator. He dragged her over to the door. “Grab hold!” he shouted. Jack and Martha put their hands on the tech and Lilith slammed on the button.

In a flash, they appeared in an alleyway. Martha leaned against the wall. “Oh, my head,” she moaned. 

“Time travel without a capsule,” the Doctor said through gritted teeth. “That's a killer.”

Lilith snickered. “You losers are so weak.”

“How are you not affected?” Jack demanded.

“Oh, I am,” she assured him, shoving her hands in the pockets of her jeans and throwing him a grin. “I’m just used to it.”

Martha pushed herself off the wall and the Doctor stood straight, the four of them made their way out onto the street. “Still,” Jack said, “at least we made it. Earth, twenty first century by the looks of it. Talk about lucky."

The Doctor rolled his eyes. “That wasn't luck, that was Lilith. Her vortex manipulator is more accurate than yours.”

Lilith stuck her tongue out at Jack and flopped onto a nearby bench.

Jack sighed. “The moral is, if you're going to get stuck at the end of the universe, get stuck with an temporally misplaced Time Lady and her homemade vortex manipulator.”

“But this Master bloke, he's got the TARDIS. He could be anywhere in time and space,” Martha said.

The Doctor shook his head. “No, he's here. Trust me.”

“Who is he, anyway? And that voice at the end, that wasn't the Professor.”

“If the Master's a Time Lord, then he must have regenerated.” Jack guessed.

“What does that mean?” asked Martha.

“It means he's changed his face, voice, body, everything. New man.”

A tapping noise reached Lilith’s ears. She looked around for the source. It was a beggar tapping a coin on his cup, four beats. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four.

She shivered.

“Then how are we going to find him?”

“I'll know him, the moment I see him,” the Doctor said. “Time Lords always do.”

Martha was looking around at all of the signs. “But hold on. If he could be anyone, we missed the election. But it can't be.”

A series of public television screens on lamp posts were broadcasting the news. “Mister Saxon has returned from the Palace and is greeting the crowd inside Saxon Headquarters.”

“I knew I knew that voice,” she said. “When he spoke inside the TARDIS. I've heard that voice hundreds of times. I've seen him. We all have. That was the voice of Harold Saxon.”

“That's him. He's Prime Minister,” the Doctor breathed. “The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain.”

This country has been sick. This country needs healing. This country needs medicine. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that what this country really needs right now,” the Master looked straight at the camera, “is a Doctor.


Martha threw open the door to her room. “Home.”

“What have you got?” the Doctor demanded. “Computer, laptop, anything. Jack, who are you phoning? You can't tell anyone we're here.”

“Just some friends of mine,” Jack said. “But there's no reply.”

“But Ianto always answers when you call.” Lilith frowned. “Same with Gwen.”

Martha handed her laptop to the Doctor. “Here you go. Any good?”

Jack took it from him. “I can show you the Saxon websites. He's been around for ages.”

“That's so weird though,” Martha said. “It's the day after the election. That's only four days after I met you.”

“We went flying all around the universe while he was here all the time.”

Martha put her hands on her hips. “You going to tell us who he is?”

“He's a Time Lord,” the Doctor answered vaguely.

“What about the rest of it? I mean, who'd call himself the Master?”

“A freaking psychopath,” Lilith muttered.

“That's all you need to know.” The Doctor turned back to Jack. “Come on; show me Harold Saxon.”

Martha switched on her answering machine. “Martha, where are you? I've got this new job. You won't believe it. It's weird. They just phoned me up out of the blue. I'm working for—

She turned it off again. “Oh, like it matters.”

“Former Minister of Defense.” Jack read. “First came to prominence when he shot down the Racnoss on Christmas Eve. Nice work, by the way.”

“Oh, thanks.”

“But he goes back years. He's famous. Everyone knows his story. Look.” She clicked to the next page. “Cambridge University, Rugby blue. Won the Athletics thing. Wrote a novel, went into business, marriage, everything. He's got a whole life.”

“He’s got the TARDIS. Maybe the Master went back in time and has been living here for decades,” Jack suggested.

“No,” the Doctor said.

“Why not? Worked for me.”

“When he was stealing the TARDIS, the only thing I could do was fuse the coordinates. I locked them permanently. He can only travel between the year one hundred trillion and the last place the TARDIS landed. Which is right here, right now.”

“Except we still had the extrapolator on board,” Lilith said, dully.

“Eighteen months, tops. The most he could have been here is eighteen months. So how has he managed all this? The Master was always sort of hypnotic, but this is on a massive scale.”

“I was going to vote for him,” Martha murmured.

Lilith raised her eyebrows. “Really?”

Martha shrugged. “Well, it was before I even met you. And I liked him.”

“Why do you say that? What was his policy? What did he stand for?”

“I don't know. He always sounded good.” She started tapping a rhythm. “Like you could trust him. Just nice. He spoke about. I can't really remember, but it was good.” One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four. “Just the sound of his voice.”

“What's that?” the Doctor asked sharply.

Martha looked at him. “What?”

“That.” He pointed at her hands. “That tapping, that rhythm. What are you doing?”

“I don't know. It's nothing. It's just, I don't know.”

A fanfare blared out from the laptop and a pop up said ‘Saxon Broadcast All Channels’. The Doctor turned on the TV. “Our lord and master is speaking to his kingdom.”

Britain, Britain, Britain,” the Master said from the Cabinet room. “What extraordinary times we've had. Just a few years ago, this world was so small. And then they came, out of the unknown, falling from the skies. You've seen it happen. Big Ben destroyed. A spaceship over London. All those ghosts and metal men. The Christmas star that came to kill.

Time and time again, and the government told you nothing. Well, not me. Not Harold Saxon. Because my purpose here today is to tell you this: citizens of Great Britain, I have been contacted. A message for humanity, from beyond the stars.”

People of the Earth,” a floating silver sphere said in a female voice, “we come in peace. We bring great gifts. We bring technology and wisdom and protection. And all we ask in return is your friendship.

Ooh, sweet,” the Master cooed. “And this species has identified itself. They are called the Toclafane.”

“What?” the Doctor demanded.

“Bullcrap,” Lilith accused.

And tomorrow morning, they will appear. Not in secret, but to all of you. Diplomatic relations with a new species Will begin. Tomorrow, we take our place in the universe. Every man, woman and child. Every teacher and chemist and lorry driver and farmer.” The Master looked at the camera, he knew they were watching. “Oh, I don't know, every medical student?

The Doctor shot up and turned the TV around. Strapped to the back were sticks of explosives. “Out!” he yelled, grabbing the laptop. They ran out into the street just as the second floor of Martha’s house exploded in a ball of fire.

“All right?” the Doctor asked.

“Fine, yeah, fine,” Jack said.

Lilith blew a strand of hair out of her face. “Peachy.”

“Martha? What are you doing?”

Martha was dialing on her cell phone. “He knows about me. What about my family?”

“Don't tell them anything,” the Doctor warned.

“I'll do what I like!” she shouted at him. “Mum? Oh my God.”

“Dad, your companion is going to get us in trouble,” Lilith growled.

Martha spoke on the phone for a few moments before her eyes went wide. She hung up. “We've got to help them.” 

“That's exactly what they want. It's a trap!” Lilith hissed.

“I. Don't. Care.”

The Doctor got in the front seat, and Jack and Lilith in the back. Martha drove like a madwoman, narrowly missing the traffic. Men were pushing Martha’s mother into a van when they came screeching to a stop.

The woman shouted something and policemen aimed their guns at the car.

“Martha, reverse!” the Doctor ordered. “Get out, now!”

Martha turned the car round as bullets slammed into it. “Move it!” Jack yelled.

“Did I not say ‘trap’? This is the perfect time for an ‘I freaking told you so’!” Lilith shouted.

“The only place we can go planet Earth. Great!”

“Martha, listen to me. Do as I say,” Jack said. “We've got to ditch this car. Pull over. Right now!”

She pulled over and they got out of the car. “Martha, come on!” the Doctor insisted.

Martha followed, but took her phone back out and called her brother to tell him to hide. Lilith heard the voice on the phone change and Martha’s jaw dropped. “Let them go, Saxon. Do you hear me! Let them go!”

The Doctor took her phone. “I'm here.”

Lilith watched as her father spoke with his old friend, wandering over to a shop where TV’s were in the window.


He was just out of my reach, taunting me about the Time War. I felt useless, Lilith. There was nothing I could do.


“He can see us.” The Doctor took out a surveillance camera with his sonic. “He's got control of everything.”

“What do we do?” Martha asked.

“We've got nowhere to go,” Jack said.

“Doctor, what do we do?”

“We do the only thing we can,” Lilith said, darkly. “We run.”


Martha returned to the warehouse with a bag of takeaway food.

“How was it?” Jack asked.

“I don't think anyone saw me. Anything new?” Martha directed the question at the Doctor.

“I've got this tuned to government wavelengths so we can follow what Saxon's doing.” Jack said, referring to his tech.

“Yeah, I meant about my family.”

“Officially, he’ll say that the Jones family will be taken in for questioning,” Lilith, who was pacing back and forth, replied bitterly.

“Tell you what, though,” the Doctor said. “No mention of Leo.”

“He's not as daft as he looks. I'm talking about my brother on the run. How did this happen?”

Jack popped a fry in his mouth. “Nice chips.”

The Doctor tried one. “Actually, they're not bad. Lilith, do you want some?”

“No, but if someone wants to go on a Starbucks run, that’s fine by me,” Lilith snipped.

“So, Doctor, who is he? How come the ancient society of Time Lords created a psychopath?” Jack questioned.

“And what is he to you? Like a colleague or…?”

“A friend,” the Doctor replied. “At first.”

“I thought you were going to say he was your secret brother or something,” Martha said.

Lilith rolled her eyes. “Someone’s been watching too much TV.”

Jack frowned. “But all the legends of Gallifrey made it sound so perfect.”

“Well, perfect to look at, maybe,” the Doctor conceded. “And it was. It was beautiful. They used to call it the Shining World of the Seven Systems. And on the Continent of Wild Endeavour, in the Mountains of Solace and Solitude, there stood the Citadel of the Time Lords, the oldest and most mighty race in the universe, looking down on the galaxies below. Sworn never to interfere, only to watch.

“Children of Gallifrey, taken from their families age of eight to enter the Academy. And some say that's when it all began. When he was a child. That's when the Master saw eternity. As a novice, he was taken for initiation. He stood in front of the Untempered Schism. It's a gap in the fabric of reality through which could be seen the whole of the vortex. You stand there, eight years old, staring at the raw power of time and space, just a child. Some would be inspired, some would run away, and some would go mad.”

“Like the Master.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, the ones that ran away,” the Doctor admitted. “I never stopped.”

Jack's bracelet beeped. “Encrypted channel with files attached. Don't recognize it.”

“Um, Uncle Jack? Before you patch it through to the laptop you might want to tell Dad about the thing,” Lilith suggested.

Jack shifted. “Right. Since we're telling stories, there's something I haven't told you.” The Torchwood logo appeared on the laptop.

“You work for Torchwood,” the Doctor said in a low voice.

“I swear to you, it's different. It's changed. There's only half a dozen of us now.”

“Everything Torchwood did, and you're part of it?” the Time Lord demanded.

“The old regime was destroyed at Canary Wharf. I rebuilt it, I changed it, and when I did that, I did it for you in your honor.” Jack insisted.

The Doctor turned on Lilith. “And you? You worked with them knowing they were responsible.”

Lilith stood straight. “Uncle Jack’s team had nothing to do with what happened at Torchwood One. All we did was clean up the messes you were to busy to notice.”

The Doctor glared at her and hit play. A woman appeared on the screen. “If I haven't returned to my desk by twenty two hundred, this file will be emailed to Torchwood. Which means if you're watching this, then I'm… Anyway, the Saxon files are attached. But take a look at the Archangel document. That's when it all started. When Harry Saxon became Minister in charge of launching the Archangel Network.”

“What's the Archangel Network?” the Doctor asked.

“I've got Archangel. Everyone's got it,” Martha said.

“It's a mobile phone network,” Jack explained. “Because look, it's gone worldwide. They've got fifteen satellites in orbit. Even the other networks, they're all carried by Archangel.”

Lilith stopped pacing, blue eyes wide. “It’s the phones!” she realized.

The Doctor caught on. “Oh, I said he was a hypnotist. Wait, wait, wait.” He soniced Martha’s phone. “Hold on.” He tapped the phone against the table, and it started beeping. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four. One-two-three-four. “There it is. That rhythm, it's everywhere, ticking away in the subconscious.”

“What is it, mind control?” Martha worried.

“No,” Lilith shook her head. “It's subtler than that. Any stronger and people would question it.”

“Contained in that rhythm, in layers of code, Vote Saxon. Believe in me. Whispering to the world.” The Doctor shot up. “Oh, yes! That's how he hid himself from us, because Lilith and I should have sensed there was another Time Lord on Earth. We should have known way back. The signal cancelled him out.”

Jack sat up. “Any way you can stop it?”

“Not from down here. But now we know how he's doing it.”

“And we can fight back,” Martha said.

The Doctor grinned. “Oh, yes! Lilith, I need your phone.”

Lilith put her hand protectively over her pocket. “But I just got a new one!” she complained. “It’s an iPhone 6!”

“And it’s more advanced than Martha’s. Hand it over.”

Reluctantly, she complied. The Doctor took apart the phone and the laptop, using the sonic to weld pieces to each of their respective TARDIS keys. “Four TARDIS keys. Four pieces of the TARDIS, all with low level perception properties because the TARDIS is designed to blend in. Well, sort of. But now, the Archangel Network's got a second low-level signal. Weld the key to the network and Martha, look at me. You can see me, yes?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“What about now?” He put the string with his key on it around his neck, and Martha frowned, unable to look straight at him.

“It's like I know you're there, but I don't want to know.”

He took it off. “And back again. See? It just shifts your perception a tiny little bit. Doesn't make us invisible, just unnoticed. Oh, I know what it's like! It's like, it's like when—”

“Dad,” Lilith cut him off, “I know where you’re going with this, and it’s not a road you want to go down.”

“— when you fancy someone and they don't even know you exist. That's what it's like. Come on!” He dashed off. Martha looked down, dejected.

“You too, huh?” Jack said.

“I apologize for my father’s prick-ness.” Lilith shot them both apologetic looks and raced after the Doctor.

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