The Stuff of Legends

Rose seems just fine with the new new Doctor, but how will Lilithanadir cope with traveling with a man wearing the face of her father? A rewrite of series 2 of Doctor Who


23. Before I Lose You

“Rose?” Rose looked up from her book. Lilith was standing in the doorway of the library. “We need to talk.”

Rose remembered last time this had happened, just after Mickey had joined them. “Lil, I’m not in the mood to talk about this right now.”

She expected Lilith to say something along the lines of ‘Sucks, we are’ like she normally would, but instead Lilith bit her lip and looked nervous. “It’s not technically about the Doctor.”

Rose frowned. “Okay, what is it about, then?”

The Time Lady hesitated before joining Rose on the couch. “It’s about me and about the future. And I guess it is also about your relationship with my… with the Doctor.”


“Just hear me out,” Lilith pleaded. “Do you remember our trip to 1987 with the Ninth Doctor?”

Rose shuddered. “Kind of hard to forget.”

“Something happened there, just after the Doctor was taken by the reapers. I had to remove it from your memory because I messed up.”

“You went in my head and changed my thoughts?” Rose demanded angrily.

“It’s not like that, I swear! I had to! Do you know how many paradoxes I would’ve cause if I told you the truth back then?”

Rose took a calming breath. “But you want to tell me now?”

“I…I’ve been thinking about what the Beast said. The Avenging Daughter that will leave in the end. The Valiant Child that will die in battle. If I’m going to lose you soon, I want you to know the truth about me.”

“You’re not going to lose me,” Rose assured her friend. “I’m not going to die.”

“No, you’re not,” Lilith agreed. “But I’m going to leave. I'm the Avenging Daughter.” She took a deep breath. “The Doctor isn’t my uncle, he’s my father.”

“Your… father?”


“But he doesn’t know.”


Rose furrowed her eyebrows. “How can he not know?”

“He wouldn’t recognize me even if he did.” Lilith shrugged. “I’ve already regenerated.”

“He’s never mentioned having any children,” Rose said.

“That’s because, in his timeline, I don’t exist yet,” Lilith explained.

Rose understood. “You’re from his future. But if you haven’t been born yet, wouldn’t being here cause a paradox?”

“No. See, he remembers me being traveling with him. The paradox would be caused if I weren’t here.”

“That’s why you’re leaving,” Rose guessed. “Because he told you that you left.”

Lilith nodded. “You’re my best friend, Tyler. It’s gonna kill me to leave, but I have to.” Her voice broke. “I don’t have a choice.”

Rose hugged her friend. “You’re not gone yet. Let’s make the most of what time we have left.”

Lilith laughed, shakily. “Best idea I’ve heard all day.”

Rose chuckled as Lilith got up and headed for the door. “Wait.”


“You said that you kind of had to talk about me and the Doctor.” She hesitated. “Lilith, who’s your mum?”

Lilith sighed and shook her head. “You’re smart, Rose. Figure it out.” And on that note, she left.

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