Better With Three

Lilithanadir had been traveling with the Doctor for ten years when he dropped her off in London. There she met Rose tyler and, two months later, the Autons invaded. A rewrite of series one of Doctor Who.


17. The Truth Comes Out

Once the TARDIS was safely in the Time Vortex, Lilith made a beeline for the library and hid herself in a book. Rassilon, she messed up. And there was no going back from this one. No erasing memories. She was stuck with the clean up this time.

“We need to talk,” the Doctor said from the doorway.

“What about?” Lilith asked with false innocence dripping from her voice. He frowned at her and she sighed. “What about?”

“I don’t remember anything that happened after the reaper got me,” the Doctor said, sitting next to the young Time Lady, “but what I do remember is what you yelled before it did.”


Lilith closed her book and put it on the floor. “You weren’t supposed to find out like that.”

“And how was I supposed to find out that the girl I thought was my niece for years is actually my daughter?” the Doctor laughed humorlessly. “Who are you, Lilith? Who are you really? Why are you here? Why did you lie?”

Lilith looked at him with an expression that said she was seeing someone else. “My name is Lilithanadir Jacqueline Tyler-Lungbarrow. I’m your and Rose’s daughter from the future.”

The Doctor stared at Lilith in utter shock and disbelief. “Mine and Rose’s…? That’s not possible.”

Lilith snorted. “Mom eats impossible for breakfast. With a side of Time Vortex.”


“Don’t ask. Do you really want to know all this? You’ll have to forget it anyway.”

“Just tell me,” the Doctor said.

Lilith bit her lip. “There’s not much to tell. You remembered me being here so I came to close the time loop.”

“We must have told you stories about what we did, though. You know everything before it’s going to happen.”

“Some stuff.” The younger Gallifreyan shrugged. “But you locked away most of my memories about what happens. I don’t remember until after the fact.”

“So you know two of my incarnations then.”

“Nope, three. You regenerated when I was fifty. Nearly took me, Mom, and the old girl with you.”

The Doctor blanched. “Wouldn’t Rose be dead by the time you were fifty?”

“You’d be surprised,” Lilith laughed. “She’s got a tendency to survive when she’s supposed to die. Not like Uncle Jack, of course. He’s a whole different can of worms. Jack’s my godfather. You’ll meet him in a month or so.”

The Doctor shook his head. “You’re being deliberately confusing.”

“Nah, that’s just my life.” Lilith sighed. “It’s all wibbly wobbly timey wimey.”

“Who said that?” the Time Lord asked, making a face.

“You did,” she said. The Doctor looked horrified at the thought, making Lilith laugh. “That’s exactly how I thought you’d react.”

He shook his head, and then paused. “Tyler-Lungbarrow?”

“Ah, that’s the most important question, isn’t it? Does she love me back?”


“She does, you know. Even in this incarnation, she loves you.”

“What, this—?”

Lilith held up her hand. “If you say ‘daft face’, I’m gonna smack you. Of course she does. Your face has nothing to do with it.”

“So I know she loves me,” the Doctor sighed, “I just can’t remember that she does.”

“No, you can’t remember any of this conversation. You can’t remember I called you dad either. You’re not supposed to find out for years.”

“When do you tell me?” the Doctor asked.

Lilith put her fingertips to his temples and sighed. “On the worst day of your lives.”

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