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1. secret fling

I'm not sure how to start this of. This story is based on the relationship I formed with a guy my parents would never approve. Racism is a huge issue amongst the Muslim society regardless of what they say we all know it runs deep in our elders blood. So basically I met this guy during the summer break. My mother would send me to a nearby fast food shop and I soon became a first I was oblivious to the owners son. But soon he began speaking to me. I would come in and he would give his dazzling smile and guess what I was to order. I'm not going to lie but this made me blush I wasn't used to being teased. His humor was amazing. He had black sleek hair and a tall slim build. One day as I was coming back from grocery shopping I saw him standing outside a door on my road to my surprise he was my neighbor. I began to feel bothered and hot when I tried to get sleep that night. The thought of him sleeping 2 floors below me really played with my mind.i had never felt this way about someone before. Soon school started and my mind was bewitched by his silhouette and voice . I craved his presence.on the way home as I was descending the stairs I bumped into him. We made eye contact and I blushed a bright crimson. My mind was racing. Was this okay? Sorry I mumbled breaking eye contact. He laughed and said "no worries Hun" I was melting his voice was intoxicating.i got home all flushed I swear he'll be the death of me.

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