Spying on the bat. A Batman fanfiction.


1. broken

Sarah's POV

. My heart races with the speed, that makes me think it's going to jump out of my chest and skip across the room.."Now,Harley I'm only telling you this because, I'm worried about you"; As a say, this my hands tremble, uncontrollably, So much, that i'm literally terrified. Are they,can see them see the way my hair,my body trembles;hear the waiver in,my Voice.

Mistake, it for what it's not.

Hell of jealousy or maybe,..

Weakness, or desertion.

And I for what it truly is concerned,

for her well-being and safety.

Last month, when I broke my shoulder.

I did it,because I had to save, Harley.

The joker,had lost his fucking mind.

Well he has his,tendency to take;his anger,out on Harley.

He's done a lot a lot along a lot of really wrong to her.

Well she had,to tell him something.


Now for Harley,credit and protection.

tell you what it was but suffice it to say I nearly,killed him.

I would've, The two dumb, muscle well let's just say I went for a time on,the building.

A growl ,or something else entirely drag me out of my thoughts.

Look up I see,

oh fuck, just no,it's the look; the I'm, bat shit crazy.

yeah, that Look;

That look, seeing it and Harleys eyes on her face. My heart shatters, into 1 million pieces.

"Why you fucking bitch, you want MR. J, all to yourself."

" That's why you say I have the stockroom thingy."

"Now I'm going to make sure that you can't get him".

hearing, Harley say those words. Was like a knife through my heart shattering it it was like every word was a stab in slice shattering my heart zillions of itty-bitty.screen across floor.

" now , i know what you're thinking."

"harley, is crazy way are you," just standing. there.

To be, honest with you.

Well, Harley is completely nuts yes. And raging and screaming it's not really all that uncommon for her.

And she's from Jersey. So take that into however much consideration you wants. the long the short of it was there wasn't any reason for concern, Intel, just to pick up her mallet, and came towards me with it.

Swing, I dodged it by just a hair.


Freaking out inside, trying to keep myself calm. Adrenaline surge through my body taking it over reacting an instant more than thought.


and contact.

" Harley, s...t....o...p."

Pain searching for my sides I knew, that my rib is at least two of them are shattered possibly beyond repair.

swing contact.

That knocked me to the floor was so much force that I was but only Ragdoll to her blows. I focus on my breathing trying to rationalize trying to tell myself I gotten through worse rally was I haven't.

Physically maybe but not my heart. More on that later.


I say this with every inch of breath I can manage but I can't even make out a full Word.

"I knew for a fact that it least my pelvis was broken. With that I know I didn't have long""either.

You see in my line of work, injury is very common, and Severe injury is even more". As for death."

"that's not something I,like to be honest to myself About."

As Harley delivers,yet another blow;harsh and firm. I hear bones crack feel them shatter." I was going to need help,"serious medical Attention."

"Yeah I know what you're thinking,"

" just go to the hospital;"

"there is a couple major problems with that though,"

"One I'm, in costume,"

"although yes I'm currently in the room of Harley Quinn."

"I don't work  for or with , the Joker I just want to be clear on that point."

" I'm with the CIA, or ,here

In Gotham. we are The company."

"The second reason,"

" because I'm supposed to be here to commence the Joker to work with us."

"just for the record, I don't know why the jokers on Porten;"

"but I've been ordered to stay away as much as possible from the bat"

" so, i'm just ,following Orders here ;"

" Something else I want to be clear on, being run the Joker being anywhere near him working with him or for him or whatever would not be anything in my cards.

Based on a loan if you interactions I've had with the bat. He seems to be more trustworthy loyal and well not completely insane.

Runs by the on the roles of his oral book maybe that's not too far from us.

"but anyway because of my work I've been in the hospital a lot."

"and I mean a lot, over the last about six months which is how long I've been here."

which is getting annoying to be frank,with you.

"i've been in the hospital or medical facility at least 25 times."

"so medical staff are getting curious." Thinking this or saying this I'm not sure which to be honest with you.

Which is something I can't risk. Getting cut now would,end my career I'm arty on Rocky terms with the company and getting on rock here;well let's just say Spies like it on Rocky terms don't walk away.

" third, The third reason; is this amazing guy,"

"he's literally the best thing that's ever happened to me."my heart sings when I'm near him, I feel like there is an in tomorrow when I'm not.


" OK yeah I know that sounds overdramatic,"

"You're probably right,"

But it's the first serious relationship I've,ever been in."

"It's intense,really intense."

Will it's like when we fight which is rare. My heart ripped out of my chest and thrown against the wall even want, it's not anything major.

He's also. The first, the only man I've ever been with.

And surprisingly for someone who is.

One of the most Notorious playboy is, city has ever seen.

He waited five months no questions asked, for me.

"butts he's one of the most successful bachelors in the city doesn't exactly date. The little girls like me"

To be completely frank with you when you came up to me at that. Ball I had thought that he thought that,I would be quick easy and out of his life.

After all I had only been one of 14 dates that he had that's on that night.

Three of which have been us from my charity which was gracious of him.

Top of that donating an extra couple thousand dollars to make sure the lights as well as WinTec bulletproof glass windows and doors as well metal security gates gun safes other sundry items that we have needed desperately.

"just add,to everything on top of at."

" he's the cities little tragic love child",

Which has affected him both in the actual act, the cost less and in his personality which is different in person I can guarantee that.

When he was only eight, his parents were killed in front of him walking home from the theater of some kind I haven't pushes.

I figure he'll tell me when he's ready.

"he also happens to be 20 years my senior."

"A lot of people think he's the reason for the hospital stays and  I can stay this for a fact;" it's not true."  "it's stressful and it's been hard."

Plus I doctors hard, she was so kind bringing in a lady that works for specific organization in the area.

I'd worked with them as well before, this organization's job was to get women that were in the Mestic violence situations away from partners with power money good friendships and connections.

I spent nearly 35 minutes trying to convinced this woman that it wasn't Bruce,

I ended up finally saying something along the lines of BDSM got to kinky,

She backed off after that thing God.

"And I haven't even told you about when I broke my shoulder,"

"I'm only gonna say that it's been so hard to keep that domestic violence cop ,resting him again for something he didn't do".

"to be honest with you I think the only backed off because of Gordon,"

" he's one of Bruce's best friends and saved his ass mind to."

I am from for that oh him for stepping in I'll him for putting his foot down.

Saying that if I said that I fell off a cliff rockclimbing I did and he should stop pushing.

That he had known Bruce since the nights in the alley.

Bruce would never hurt someone like me.

Didn't know then what he meant but someone like me I know now boy do I know now

" to,gordon's credit, he sat with me for nearly 25 minutes trying to making sure that bruce wasn't;"

"Hurting me at all."

"but I have a bigger concern with Gordon."

"He's notice,my training enough.to point it,out in the past."

He's also one of the smartest cops,that I've ".ever"


"i'm absolutely positive now, that,he's been having me.followed,checking on my background."

"Why that's a that's the question."

"I don't have the time to figure out I don't want to tell my hands.work because,I don't want him,killed."

"At the very least find some secretary they,had had an affair with that one point."

"No,we have.nothing to do with that presidents,incident,"

""At lest"


,"if not,Know, I'm whit the joker."

" but I have a, feeling that he would check government agencies,before other, sources."

"But like I said he's,one of the smartest cops,ever met,"so hopefully he knows. better than to blow someone's cover."

But I guess you can gather they Gordon is making me nervous so nervous and fact that I think I stuttered and stumbled.

over my words next last time I was near him.

I also know that Gordon doesn't buy versus drunkard play he knows he knows he was hiding something you know that's not really him is brilliant at it but it doesn't show it still didn't forget out why all I know is it doesn't bugging me that I don't know,

"Was pulled out of my,thoughts."

"Exactly the point, I can't focus my eyes and I'm nearly in conscious."

"Knowing full well the death was close."

I can see darkness grading it feel my body giving out.

Heal myself getting lighter and subsiding OK take it back physically hi have been better than this before I've never been this close to death never been close, to certain

Vaguely I hear crash like the wind is breaking on the roof,

Subtly and to myself maybe the bat  has come to rescue me why I would ever,

think that I don't know.

After all I am a villain hear nothing more nothing less possible but is noticed,

far too much.

There was that incident the,one that really got me nice my Harley and the joker.

I will of the building with 100  Cadavers and it don't ask about it I don't like details all I'm gonna say is I ran back in to save a baby bird.

The only reason I got out alive, is and was Batman.

After that point whenever;

he found me somewhere garden , something doing something, else he was trying to convince,

me to join him weird but true I never heard of the Batman trying to convince anyone to join him before but it was.

"The very edge of a black cape and my vision."

"And then I blacked out it's into all of nothing.


OK well there is no bad signal Emoji so some to get on that.

So I am going there doing a massive rewrite of this and everything else and yeah hopefully it's better I'm at Publix or twice just to kind a like get a new look and five and everything but I don't know.

Tell me what you think remember I do have severe dyslexia so I can't see everything if you see

something pointed out.

Question of the chapter, have you seen the not actual justice league trailer but it's totally jesses like trailer that's all.

Who have you seen it and what did you think.

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