Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


4. School

 Jay and I walked to school the next day. I saw the girl from yesterday walk out of her house. I stared at her.

 "You have a crush?" Jay asked.

 "What? No. Not at all." I said.

 "Yes you do."

 "I just find her interesting. I honestly don't think I could ever have a crush on someone without getting to know them. If you don't know them then you just fall in love with their look." I said.

  "Go talk to her."

  "No, are you kidding?! She's popular." I sighed.

 "I got you bro." He said and walked up to her.

 "Kill me now." I mumbled.

 I saw them talking and Jay pointed to me. I saw her hand Jay a piece of paper. She smiled at me and then walked away.

 Jay ran to me.

 "Got you her digits." Jay smiled.

 I sighed and looked at the paper.

 "Jay, I appreciate it but there are just some things I need to do myself." I said and walked up to her.

  "Hi, uh... that was my brother and I'm sorry I didn't come over here myself. It's just that you're so popular and I'm so, well, not. I just wanted to say that you're gorgeous and if you want out hang out sometime, I would like that."

 "How about Friday at 7?" She smiled.

 "Sounds good." I smiled.

 She walked away.

 Jay dashed to me.

 I stared at her as she left.

 "Look who suddenly grew a pair of balls." He said.

 "I have a date. I have a date. I HAVE A DATE!" I cheered.

 "You also have a very loud voice." he laughed as we kept walking.

 "Do you think I should dress fancy? Where should we go? Should I buy her a gift? Do I kiss her? What if she wants to kiss? What do I do? Do I smile? Do I stare? What if she smiles? Do I put my arm around her?"

"You honestly sound like a teenage girl right now." Jay said.



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