Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


1. Meeting the Boyfriend

    I carried my mom's bags to the door. The house was 2 floors from what I could see. There was a bay window on the second floor and also a front porch.

 "Hurry up, Ki." Mom said.

  "Did the thought ever occur to you that I should meet him before we move in with your boyfriend?" I asked.

 "You'll just have to deal." Mom sighed.

 Mom rang the doorbell and tall man answered the door.

 "Oh, hi! You must be Ki. Your mother told me so much about you. Here, let me carry the bags." He said and put some of the bags into the living room.

 The man had brown hair and glasses.

 After we got all the bags inside, we all sat on the couch. 

 "So, Ki, how are you?" He asked and shook my hand.

 I nodded.

   "He's very shy." Mom laughed.

  "Oh I understand. When my son first started Well High, he would rarely talk."

  "So, may we meet your son?" Mom asked.

 "Yes." He smiled and stood up. 

   "Jay! They're here!" He he shouted sat back down.

  "Jay? That's the same name as-" I said and I stopped when I saw him.

 "Oh no." Jay mumbled.

  "This can't be happening." I sighed.

  "Do you guys know each other?" Mom asked.

   "Yes." I sighed.

 "Good because you guys will be sharing a room."

  "What?! Dad, no! I can't share a room with him!" Jay shouted.

  "Yeah, aren't there any other rooms available?" I asked.

 "Why is this such a problem?"

   "He'll geek up my room! He's a reject, dad!" Jay shouted.

  "You guys will have to learn to get along."

  "Now go get unpacked, Ki. We'll set up dinner."

  I growled and grabbed my bag. I stomped up the stairs.

    "Don't touch my football cards! I don't want them to turn into flashcards!" Jay yelled and followed me.

 As soon as I got into the room, I saw clothes scattered all around the room.

    "See that, Ki? That's called swag."

   "No, it's called a mess."

   He rolled his eyes.

  "Look, just tell me where to sleep and where to keep my stuff."

  "Well, dad is going to be buying you a bed so for now you need to sleep on that mattress over there."

 "Great." I said and put my bag on the mattress. 

 He stared at me.

 "What?" I asked.

  "Just making sure nothing in my room turns nerdy." He said.

  "Jay, I'm a person. I'm not Geekas. Everything I touch isn't going to be geeky." I sighed.


 "It's a reference." I said.

 "To what?"


 He had a blank look on his face.

 "You know? The Greek god?"

 He stared at me.

 "Who turned everything he touched into gold?"

 "What?" He asked.

 I sighed and went downstairs.

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