Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


15. For the First Time

  I walked her home that night and I couldn't stop smiling at her.

 "Ki." She laughed.


"What are you doing?"


 She smiled at me.

 I wrapped my arm around her.

 "My life has been hell before you came back into it." She mumbled.

  I stared at her.

 She glanced at me and poked my nose.


 "You're so weird." I laughed.

 She ran in front of me and walked backwards, staring at me.

 "No. No. I swear, no." I laughed.

 She smirked at me.

 "You know, that's not fair because you get a head start."

 She stopped walking and stared at me.

 "Oh no." I laughed.

 I ran backwards and she ran towards me. I turned forward dashed into a yard.

 A dog ran up to me and I screamed.

 I ran out of the yard and fell in the grass.

 "I still win." She smirked.

 "That wasn't fair." I laughed.

 "I'm surprised you still remembered that from middle school." She giggled.

 "Nobody ever forgets their first terror." I laughed.

 "I wasn't a zombie, Ki." 

 "It was middle school. I thought chocolate milk came from brown cows. The whole world was fucked up." I laughed and stood up.

 "The funny part is you still fell for it."

 "Well, luckily for you, the world is more fucked up now."

 Amelia walked over the the dog, who was chained up.

 "Good job, bro." She giggled.

 When we got to her house, her dad was waiting outside.

 "Hello, sir, sorry she's home late." I said.

 "No problem. You're off the hook because you have no charming skills." He said and went inside.

 "Was that an insult or a compliment?" I called after him.

 Amelia laughed and stared at me.

 I smiled and held her close.

 "I'm going to need an answer from the man." I laughed.

 She smiled and I kissed her lips.

 "I love you." I smiled.

 "I love you too."

 When I got home, everyone was asleep.

 I slowly and carefully went into our room.

 I heard a scream and then something hit me upside the head.

 The lights turned on and I saw Jay holding a skateboard looking down on me.

 "First a shovel, and then a skateboard?!" I growled and stood up.

 "I thought it was a murderer. Luckily it was just you." he laughed.

 "Yes, luckily." I said and rubbed the back of my head.

 "I'm going to need to wear helmets from now on." I sighed.

 I woke up at four the next morning. I put a coat on and ran to Amelia's house. She was sitting on her front porch.

 She smiled and ran to me.

 "I'm glad we can spend time before school." She smiled.

 "Me too." I said and kissed her.

 I looked at her to see she wasn't wearing a coat.

 "Why aren't you wearing a coat?"

 "They're all in my dad's closet." She shivered.

 I laughed and gave her my jacket.

 "You're such a rebel." I smiled.

 "Only for you." She said and blushed.

 I smiled and held her hand.


 I looked at her. 


 "Do you think we'll last?" She sighed.

 "Well, I will do anything for us to last forever."

 She looked at me.

 "I never want to let you go." I said.

 She hugged me and I held her tight.

 "You're all I need, Ki." She cried.

 I rubbed her back.

 "It's okay, Amelia."

 She looked at me and kissed me.

 We sat on the porch and talked about everything from the future to the meaning of life as the sun rose. 

"You're the only one I'd ever want to be with." I said.

 "You know, I had a dream when I slept." She said.

 "What about?"

 "Cats with jet packs." She smirked.

 "How interesting." I laughed.

 "What about you?" She asked.

 "Well, I was in a dark room and suddenly a light appeared. And I walked towards it an saw you."

 She smiled and leaned on my shoulder.

 I put my arm around her.

 "What do you call someone who is a professional in the toilet care industry?" She asked.


 "Shit master."

 "Get out." I laughed.

 My bus drove up and I sighed.

 I kissed her.

 "Have a good day." She smiled.

 "You too. I love you."

 "I love you more." I said and held her.

 I walked onto the bus and everybody was talking.

 I sat in a seat next to the side of the road Amelia was. I stared at her.

 Jay ran up to me as I got to my locker.

 "4 days of school, pretty exciting, huh?" Jay smiled.

 "For those of us that are graduating." I smirked.

 "Psychology is my only bad subject." He said and rushed through my book bag.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

 "Stealing your notes." He said and suddenly stopped searching.

 "What is this?" He asked and held up a small box.

 "Nothing." I said and put it in my locker.

 "Ki, don't lie to me." He said.

 "Jay, it's nothing, really." I said.

 "Ki, tell me." Jay growled.

  "Okay, okay. I was going to propose to Amelia next month. This is our last year of high school, okay?" I said and looked at the box.

 "I want to be with her forever." I said.

 Jay stared at me.

 "You know, when you joined the family, you were a ball-less, scared as shit innocent boy. I mean you're still innocent, but hey, you grew balls."

 "I feel so flattered." I smirked.

 I put my book bag inside my locker.

 "Time to fuck up some shit." I said and walked to class.

 "God, you need help." Jay mumbled and laughed.

  As we got home, Jay ran to his room.

 I dropped my book bag off at home and then waited for Amelia at her house.

 She ran off of the bus and hugged me.

 She quickly backed up.

 "What's in your pocket?" She asked.

 "Fuck." I sighed.

 "What is it?" She asked.

 "It's my... uh... rubber band collection. Neatly in a box."

 She smirked.

 "Ki, please tell me."

 "Make me."

 She grabbed the box and opened it.



 "Is that an engagement ring?"

 I sighed.

 "Yes, okay? I was going to ask you next month."

 She stared at me with tears in her eyes.

 "No, no don't cry. Look, I know it's sudden, but-"

 She kissed me.

 "Do you really want to deal with this crazy ass for the rest of your life?" She laughed.

 "More than anything."

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