Down On Jackson Street

Nobody ever expected them to become friends, much less brothers.


12. Fixing My Heart

 "Ki, listen, boys and girls can't be best friends. You're going to fall in love with her and you're going to get your heart broken when she doesn't feel the same or if it ends."

 "That's not going to happen. What happened to make you hate love anyways?" I asked.

 He stared at me.

 "My brother got his heart broken. That's why I hate love. I don't want that shit to happen to you again."

 "Jay, that means a lot, but trust me, I'm not going to fall in love with her. I know it's just heartbreak waiting to happen."

 "You can't choose if you fall in love or not, Ki."

 "I'm not going to let myself fall in love with her."

 I went to the room and grabbed my jacket.

 "What about mom and dad? They'll wonder where you are." Jay said as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

 "I've left the house a million times without them knowing. They never notice, Jay." I said and walked out of the front door.

 I walked to the mall.

 I saw Amelia waiting by the front doors.

 "Hey." I smiled.

 "Hey." She smiled and hugged me.

 "Where do you want to go?" I asked.

 "Food court." She smiled.

 "I like the way you think." I laughed as we started walking.

 After we ate, we went to the photo booth.

  We gave each other bunny ears, we made funny faces, and put our backs together and crossed our arms.

 "You can keep it." I laughed and she put the pictures on her purse.

 "Follow me!" She laughed and ran into a clothing store.

 "What are we doing here?" I laughed.

 "Watch this." She laughed.

 She grabbed some clothes and ran into the changing room. When she came out, she made weird poses.

 I laughed and turned on music.

 I took a few pictures and we both laughed.

 "Ok your turn." She smirked.

 "You can choose what you wear but I'm adding a few things." She laughed.

 "I'm scared."

 I grabbed a jacket, and some skinny jeans.

  She put a pink feather boa and some sunglasses on top of the pile.

 "You better be shitting me." I laughed.

 She giggled.

 "How come I couldn't choose what you wear?"

 "Because I look fab in everything." Amelia smirked.

 "If you take pictures, I'm murdering you." I said and went into the changing room.

 When I walked out, Amelia had her phone ready and taking pictures.

 "You're going down! In ten minutes." I laughed and changed back into my regular clothes.

 I rushed out of the changing room and ran after her.

 "You're not going to catch me!" She giggled.

 I ran after her as she left the store. She stood in front of a load of boxes and smirked at me. Just as I was about to tackle her, she moved out of the way and I crashed into the boxes.

 "Well, you're good at BOXing." She laughed.

 "Not fair." I smiled.

 I got up from the pile of cardboard boxes.

 She put a box on my head.

 "Okay, this is just rude." I laughed.

 "Hey, truth or dare?" She asked.

 I took the box off of my head.

 "Bring it."

 "Truth or dare?" She asked.

 "Truth." I said.

 "Do you like boxes on your head?" She laughed.

 "No. Truth or dare?"


 "Uh... into the guy's restroom."

 She walked in and then walked out.

 "Truth or dare?" She smirked.


  "Ki, try a dare. I dare you to say dare."

 "Uh.. okay... dare."

 "Kiss the wall."

 "Are you kidding?" I laughed.


 I sighed and kissed the wall. 

 She took a picture.

 "You might want to run again." I smirked.

 I went home that day smiling as big as ever. I really missed Amelia. I walked through the door and shut it slowly.

 I texted her all night. When the morning came, we had to get ready for school.

 Jay looked at me.

 "Ki, did you sleep at all?" 

 "Nope." I said smiling and texting.




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