About LDShadowLady aka the best youtuber ever


5. To sum it up

 To sum things up Lizzie is a pretty awesome youtuber if i do say so my self. Almost everyday she makes a new hillarious video and so does her boyfriend Joel. Lizzie is a very nice person who rarely curses. LDShadowLady is amazing I could say this all day cause I mean she is. She may have come through some tough times but is always happy and never shows it. She loves all her fans and would do anything for them or maybe even us. She is always energetic and is always funny. I hope you have learned a lot about Lizzie and want to go subscribe or watch her videos on youtube. Some links I recommend to go to are ( these lead to youtube channels) for Lizzie's channel and for Joel's channel. I hope you enjoyed reading this little book about LDShadowLady and tell me if you want to see more things like this! 



By: Bon_Bonz and Mangleina_PhychoQueen.


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