About LDShadowLady aka the best youtuber ever


2. Buddy Her Cat

 Buddy is Lizzie and Joel's cat. Buddy was first introduced to the world in an instagram photo on April 11th 2013. Around the time of December 19th 2013 buddy went missing for a few days. Lizzie was so worried and put up posters all around her area. Fortunatly a man named Barry called Lizzie a few days later saying that he might have found her cat. She drove to Barry's house and looked in the garage where he had trapped the cat. Lucky for lizzie it was her baby... BUDDY! Lizzie made him a Christmas card and brought him some chocolates the next day for finding her cat.

 Sadly on January 9th 2015 Buddy went missing again. Lizzie posted many tweets about how long Buddy had been missing,and frequently posted other tweets saying it was likely Buddy would not return. Again lucky Lizzie Buddy returned home on January 18th 2015. Lizzie posted a tweet saying "After almost a week of being missing , Buddy has returned home." Buddy is often bullied by other cats in the area. He is also famous for his amazing Christmas jumper.


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