There is a time in everyone’s life when they find out...


2. Hope

When all hope had seemed lost for Jessie, a male, about her age--if not a few years older, jumped out of the bushes and rammed the Hellhound into a tree, making it release Jessie. She sat up and watched the scene unfold, amazed, terrified, and confused all in one.

    The boy had a dagger, made from wood. He jabbed the Hellhound in the neck with the dagger and the Hellhound whined. The Scorpio, in response to the whine, jumped upon the boy. When Jessie thought it all was done for, a whole group of people came charging. One of the women stabbed the Scorpio’s back, distracting it while the boy cut the stinger off. Wounded, both the Hellhound and the Scorpio ran off.

    Panting, the boy ran over to Jessie, “You alright?” The boy seemed rather calm, considering the situation.

    “If you call having a large gash on my leg alright, yes,” Jessie rolled her eyes.

    “Okay, Miss Sass,” the woman, who had distracted the Scorpio, shook her head.

    The boy sighed, “I’m Phoenix,” he extended his hand.

    Jessie got up, only to collapse again, the pain too much for her to handle. She, hesitantly, grabbed Phoenix’s hand and he helped her up.

    “Jessie...” she informed Phoenix as he helped her up.

    “Alright,” Phoenix nodded, then looked at the woman, “Would you mind taking Jessie to camp, Cally?”

    “Fine,” was all Cally said as she grabbed Jessie and took her away.

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