roy a love story

this is a love story about joy sing, and ron wesley alternet povs


3. the next day

since it was almost cerfew i had to leave and

and go to my comman room. there i told susan

bones and cesil mello about it and they have been 

acting so silly all night we played truth or dare while

falling asleep last night like most of the time.



*the next morning*

"joy joy hurry wake up! wake up!

you slept right over breackfast and guess what!

that ronald wesely came over and asked about

you he said the wanted to talk to you later today

when you both have dada later today!!!!!!"

cesil said very exited.

"i think he's gonna ask you out!!!"

so i got out of bed made my hair which i

havent in days and put on my best colourful

dress un like hana who is a goth.


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