roy a love story

this is a love story about joy sing, and ron wesley alternet povs


5. dada

joys pov 



its finnaly dada now me and ron can talk!

i was walking down from division and guess

what i bumped into him and harry potter (iv

always had a crush on harry potter but what

girl does not???) because harry noticed me

go beside ron harry said"you know i think ill

meet up later ron see you later" he said

scratching his neck.

soo what did you want to tell me ron? i asked

"well i wantedtoaskyouifyouwatedtogotothe3broomstick

whnwegotohogmel?" he said very fast.

slow down ron calm down sat that again slowley.

well i was wondering if


what i said again slowly.

sooy he said would you like to go to the 3 broomsticks 

with me on friday the next hogmel trip at 12?

why of cource i said

(sorry i cant spell today)



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