roy a love story

this is a love story about joy sing, and ron wesley alternet povs


4. asking

rons pov




where is she??? joy i wanted to ask her

out, i know she has

a fear of spiders too,so she was very

brave. i was hoping

that we could go to the 3 broomsticks

and enjoy some warm

butterbear. now that heromione and

maclagin were together

its not me and her. 

she is really cute, smart, and brave

she should be in grifindor.

i wish she was becaues mum will

probably not aprove of her 

if shes not, if we get together and

she comes over ill tell her 

to tell mum that she is in grifindor. 

wait wait a sec ron! 

i have dada next i just need to get

away from harry than i can meet her 

like i told her friends to tell her!


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