My Step Brother's Best Friend

Carmen Dormae is a 16 year old girl forced to move to Australia. Her dad remarried and now she lives with her step mom and step brother. But when she gets used to hanging with Luke's friends she gains feelings for Michael. But the question is...does he have the same feeling for her?


7. Chapter 7

Carmen Pov


I woke up to someone yelling.

“Yes you do!” I hear someone say again. I tiptoe down the stairs so I can know who’s talking.

“I don’t Luke” I hear Michael say.

“Yes you do you like her don’t lie” he says. I walk in the living room.

“Who likes who?” I ask and Faith turns her head away. She knows something. I walk over and sit next to her and she starts shaking her leg and taping her finger.

“Um...why are you acting so nervous?” I ask her.

“What I’m not acting nervous” she says.

“Okay then” I say and get up and go to the kitchen to get something to eat. I look in the pantry and see nothing that looked good to me.

“Does anyone know any good pizza places?” I ask from the kitchen.

“All of them” I hear Michael say.
“Of course” I say to myself.

“Hey Carmen sweetie can you come outside for a minute?” my dad asks. I go outside and see my car! My car!

“How did you get it here?” I ask.

“I know a guy” he says. “actually your uncle sent it here”

“Thank you so much” I say and hug him.

This is amazing I can’t believe my car is here my black mustang is here. I see Luke and the rest come out side. All of them except for Faith mouths drop, but faith runs to the car and opens the door to the passenger seat and hops in.

“Let’s go for a ride!” She yells. I look at my dad.

“One at a time!” he yells. I walk over to the car and get in. I never really got to drive it but I’m sixteen, I have my license and now I’m going to drive it as much I can.

I drove everyone except for Michael. Michael gets into the car and I fell nervous? Why do I feel nervous? I can’t feel nervous.

“This car is amazing” Michael says as he gets in.

“Thank you” I say “where’s a good pizza place besides all of them?”

He laughs. His laugh is so cute.

“Down the street” he said. I drive down the street and arrive at the place.

“I’ll go in” he said. Fifteen minutes later he comes out with two pizzas. He hops in the car and he opens one of the boxes, but I close the box on him.

“No eating in my car please” I say.


“Please” ten minutes later we arrive back at the house. And went in the house and I see Blake?

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