My Step Brother's Best Friend

Carmen Dormae is a 16 year old girl forced to move to Australia. Her dad remarried and now she lives with her step mom and step brother. But when she gets used to hanging with Luke's friends she gains feelings for Michael. But the question is...does he have the same feeling for her?


4. Chapter 4

Carmen Pov

"Yeah mother" I said sarcastically and walked up to my room. Mother? She is not my mother why exactly would he say that. My mother died. I can't see her anymore. Liz isn't my mother and won't ever be. I walk up the the picture of me and her on my night stand. I feel a tear slip down my cheek and I wipe it away quickly. I hear a knock even though my door is wide open. I turn around and see Luke and the guys.

"Come in I guess" I say.

"Sorry I just didn't want to walk in your room" Luke says.

"Are you a vampire now? You have to be invited to come in a room or house?" I laugh.

"Where did that idea come from?" Calum asks.

"Never mind" I say and open a bag of drawings I've done. Then my phone rings. I answer it and put it on speaker.

"Hello" I say.

"Hey how's Australia?" Faith asks from the other end.

"Definitely nothing like California, I guess it's okay" I say.

"Did you meet any cute guys?" She asks. I laugh.

"What? No I haven't actually" I said.

"So you wouldn't think I'm cute?" Calum asks. I laugh again.

"Wait Carmen there's a boy in the room?" Faith asks.

"Actually there's four" I say.

"Four!" She yells.

"Uh yeah my step brother and his friends" I say.

"Oh. How's your step brother doing?" She asks. What? Why would she ask that?

"I'm doing great actually" he says.

"Ooo Australian accent I like that" she says.

"Why thank you" he says.

"I'm in Australia!" She yells.

"No way!" I yell back.

"I have to go I'm getting off a plane now and my parents don't want me talking right now bye girl" she says and hangs up. Well at least I'll have my best friend here with me.

"Well that was interesting" Ashton says. I put up all my 'artwork' I'm my bag again. I just like looking at theme

"Yeah" I say.

"She seems nice" Calum said.

"Yeah she can be" I say.

"When will we meet her?" Luke asks. I shrug. I sit on my bed get on my phone. I get a text from Faith.

F: hey girl!

C: hi what's up

F: just going to my neighbors houses saying

C: good luck with that

F: I'll try anyway I have to go bye

C: Bye

A doorbell rings and I go down stairs to see who it is. Luke is standing by the door.

"Hi I'm your new neighbor" a girl says I look in the doorway.

"Carmen?" Faith said she saw me.

"Um hi do I know you?" I ask. She rolls her eyes and holds her arms out.

"I'm sorry I don't hug strangers" I say. She rolls her eyes again. I eventually give up and go hug her.

"I have a question" Luke asks.

"Yes?" I say.

"How log is this going to take I need to shut the door" he says. We shuffle inside still hugging.

"I missed you" she said.

"How I was gone for a day" I say.

"I know" she says and we stop hugging.

"Hello Faith I'm Luke" Luke says holding out a hand. She shakes his hand.

"I'm Michael" Michael says.

"Ashton" Ashton says shaking her hand.

"And I'm Calum" he says walking towards her I step in front of her.

"I'm not intimidated shortie" he says.

"Well you should be she can beat your ass" Faith said.

"Oh really?" He says.

"She got in fights at her last school" she says.

"Okay I got in two fights" I say. "And that girl started it"

"What did she do?" Michael asks.

"She punched me" I say and my phone started ringing. I looked at the caller ID. Andrew. I press ignore.

"Who was that?" Faith asks.

"Andrew" I say.

"Why is he calling you?" She asks

"Probably to beg forgiveness" I say. My phone rings again.

"Answer and put it on speaker" she says. So I did.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hey baby I'm sorry please forgive me" Andrew says. I laugh.

"Why should I?" I say.

"Because I love you" he says.

"I'm sorry Andrew, but you don't love me" I say.

"I messed up okay!" He yells.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can forgive you" I say.

"Why not?" He asks.

"You cheated on her" Faith says.

"I messed up!" He yells.

"You messed up badly" I said and hung up.

"What the hell?" Calum says.

"Long story" I say.

"Well that was fun" Faith says. I laugh.

"Hey lets play a game" Calum says.

"What game?" I ask.

"Truth or dare" he says.

"I'm in" Faith says.

"I'm not" I say.

"Buzzkill" Faith says.

"Yeah I am" I say.

"Come on truth or dare is fun" Luke says.

"Um let me think" I say "no"

"Please buzzkill it won't be the same without you" Faith says.

"Fine" I say.

"Yay" she says.

"Yeah yeah" I say.

"Carmen truth or dare?" Calum asks.

"Truth" I say.

"On a scale of one to ten how hot do you think I am?" He asks. I laugh.

"Zero" I say.

"Faith" I say.

"Truth" she said.

"Do you like Andrew?" I ask.

"I did" she said. We went around for like ten minutes then we all got bored. Then the doorbell rang. I went up to get it. I open the door and I get pushed to the floor. Suddenly I'm get punched. I punch the person in the face. And start punching and punching. We were split up Faith held the other person and Luke held me. I finally realize who the person is. Brittany.

"How the hell did you find me here?" I ask.

"It was easy" she said.

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"You broke him" she said.

"Andrew?" I ask.

"Why would you cheat on him like that?" She asks.

"What? He cheated on me with you, whore!" I yell.

"Slut!" She yells back.

"Bitch!" I yell.

"Cunt!" She yells. That's when I lost it. I got away from Luke and ran towards her Faith let go of her and moved away. I knocked her to the ground and started punching her. Faith pulled me off of her.

"Go away Brittany" Faith says and she walks out of the door. Faith let go of me and I walk up to my room. The guys walk in.

"That was fun" Luke said sarcastically.

"Yeah best day ever" I say.

"Your face is barely scratched" Calum says.

"Yeah I know" I say. "Where's Faith?" I say.

"She went home" Luke says.

"Good don't want her parents to get worried" I say and lay down on my bed.

"I don't ever want to get in a fight with you" Ashton says.

"It would be best if you didn't" I say.

"Pills, Carmen take them!" My dad yells from down stairs. I go down stairs.

"You also have school tomorrow" he says as I take them.

"Yeah saw that coming" I say.

"I saw Faiths parents at the pharmacy" he says.

"Yeah I know she lives next door" I say.

"Go to bed please" he said.

"I got in to a fight like ten minutes ago" I say.

"With who?" He asks.

"Brittany" I say. "She came from California for punch me in the face" I say laughing.

"I'm glad you won I never did like that girl" he said.

"Yeah well goodnight" I say. I hug him goodnight and went to bed.

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