My Step Brother's Best Friend

Carmen Dormae is a 16 year old girl forced to move to Australia. Her dad remarried and now she lives with her step mom and step brother. But when she gets used to hanging with Luke's friends she gains feelings for Michael. But the question is...does he have the same feeling for her?


2. Chapter 2

Carmen Pov


I woke up with a migraine. I decided to get dressed then look for it. I looked in my bathroom for my medicine but it wasn't there. And I also can't find my depression meds. Great! Just great! I looked everywhere in my room all my bags everything. I am panicking right now. I run down the stairs and bumped into Michael.

"Hey your in a rush" he said.

"Sorry" I said and ran into the kitchen.

Thankfully dad was there.

"Dad please tell my you have my prescriptions" I say.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I can't find them anywhere. I know I packed it, but it's now where to be found" I say.

"I don't have it" he said.

"But you have to, your me kidding right? You know how I get" I asked and he shook his head.

"I need to have my proscriptions" I say.

"I'll call the pharmacy and I'll get them" he said.

"Okay thanks, but do you have any aspirin?" I ask. He handed me two and a glass of water.

"Thanks" I said. And walked to my room until I bumped into someone.

"Why were you looking down when you were walking?" Luke asked.

"Your the second person I bumped into today" I said.

"Well you more ran into me" Michael said. I laughed.

"Why? Were you in a hurry this morning?" Calum asked.

"I couldn't find my proscriptions this morning and I panicked" I said.

"Why do you need medicine it seems like your not sick" Luke said.

"It's for my migraines and depression" I say.

"Oh" Luke says. I continue to walk to my room. I'm putting up photos of me and my friends. I put up the one with me and my friend named Brook. A tear slips from my eye. She died in a car wreck. We were really close. Before I know it tears stream from my eyes. I sit on my bed holding the picture crying.

"Are you okay Carmen?" I look up and se the guys standing there.

"Yeah" I choke out wiping tears.

"Can we come in?" Luke asks I nod.

"We can talk about it" Ashton says. They sit on the floor. I show them the picture they pass it around to each other.

"She passed away a year ago" I say. "She was driving and someone texted her and she got in a wreck" I said.

"Do you know who texted her?" Calum asks. I nod.

"I was texting her I didn't know that she was driving" I said tears streaming. "Her death was my fault" I say and bury my head in my hands.

"No it's not, you didn't know she was driving" Michael said.

"What going on?" My dad says walking in the room. He sees the picture in Michael's hands.

"Carmen that was not your fault" my dad says. I nod. "Carmen don't let yourself think that that was your fault because it's not" he said.

"Then why does it feel that way!" I yell and run down stairs and I sit on the porch.

"Carmen are you okay?" Liz said from behind me.

"I miss my best friend" I say.

"Oh I know you had leave your friends behind, I'm sorry for that" she said.

"No it's not that, my friend she um...she died in a car accident" I say.

"I'm so sorry sweetie" she said.

"It's fine" I said. I stand up and we go inside.

Before I know it everything's black.

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