My Step Brother's Best Friend

Carmen Dormae is a 16 year old girl forced to move to Australia. Her dad remarried and now she lives with her step mom and step brother. But when she gets used to hanging with Luke's friends she gains feelings for Michael. But the question is...does he have the same feeling for her?


1. Chapter 1

Carmen Pov

"But dad we lived in California" I complained for the millionth time. My dad remarried, so now I have a step brother and a new step mom. Yay for me (note the sarcasm).

"Stop complaining Carmen please" my dad said.

"Fine I won't complain...around you" I said.

"Fine" he said and knocked on the door and a blonde haired boy answered the door.

"They're here!" The boy yelled.

"Hi Carmen I'm Liz" Liz said. I waved.

"Carmen get your stuff out of the car please" dad said and I headed to the car. I was greeted by the blonde haired boy.

"Hi I'm Luke" He said.

"Carmen" I say getting a bag he got a bag too.

"Luke can you show Carmen to her room?" Liz asked he nodded. We walked up the stairs to my new room. The room was my favorite. Black walls and the bed was purple. I smiled looking around.

"You like it?" Luke asked.

"Yeah it's amazing black and purple are my favorite colors" I say.

"I'm glad I made the right choice" he said.

"Yeah you did" I said.

"Do you need help unpacking?" He asks.

"I'm good for right now" I said.

"Just call if you need anything" he said.

"Will do" I said and started unpacking. I put all the clothes in the dresser and closet. I put up most of my posters. Except I need a tall person for the last three.

"Luke?" I ask. He walks in.

"Yes?" He asked me.

"I need a giant" I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"To help me put up these last three posters" I said.

"You could've asked me" he said walking more into the room.

"Your the giant I was talking about" I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh well you need to be more specific next time" he laughed and helped me with my posters. I had Green Day, Black Veil Brides, Bring Me the Horizon, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, All Time Low and more.

"I like your posters" someone said I turned to look at him. Well them, there where three guys standing there. One with red hair. One with curly like hair. And one with brown hair and kind of looked like and Asian.

"Um thank you" I said it more like a question.

"Carmen, this is Michael, Ashton, and Calum" he said. I shook their hands.

"Michael" The red haired one said.

"Ashton" the curly haired one said.

"I'm Calum and I'm not Asian" The brown haired one said.

"No offense, but if your not Asian then..." My voice trailed off.

"I'm Kiwi and Scottish" he said.

"So you can talk to fruit?" I asked laughing a little. He laughed.

"I've heard many jokes, but that one I've never heard" he laughed. We all laughed.

"Sorry if I offended you" I said.

"You didn't offend me" he said. I nodded.

"Why are you guys so tall?" I ask. They shrugged.

Okay first day down the rest of my life to go. Well...until I'm eighteen.

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