In My Own Footsteps //D.M.//

Most of you know about Tom Riddle by now, but do you know about me? You probably don't because I've been locked away for fifty years. I got a curse put on me so I wouldn't age after ten, but the people I have been staying with found an antidote. In case you're still lost, let me spell it out for you, I'm a wizard.

I've just turned eleven and I've got my hogwarts letter. I don't want to be bad anymore. I want to be good. The people who have taken care of me think I need to get into Slytherin, but I want Gryffindor. I want to find love and make my own choices for once. Maybe you should know who I am before I tell you my story.

My name is Felicity Riddle. I am Tom Riddle's daughter.




Okay, I'm gonna keep this short and you can skip to the next paragraph if you want because this is telling about me and stuff. If you've read my other stories Loving You and If I Could Fly, you know I'm mostly a One Direction fan. Well, I'm a Harry Potter fan, too. I came up with this idea as a sequel to the series of Harry Potter, but then thought, "What if this happened in the actual stories that everyone already knows?" So here I am, writing the story.

I'm only going to explain the things that the main character, Tom Riddle's daughter, Felicity Riddle, already knows.

When Tom Riddle was still Tom Riddle, he had a daughter. The mother was a one time hook up and when Felicity was born, she left her on Tom's doorstep. He kept her safe and hidden, for she was his only love.

When Felicity was 10, the Ministry of Magic found out and put a never aging curse on her. They didn't want her at Hogwarts in a year wreaking havoc like her father did. Tom was furious and tried to find the antidote but it was so complex the only ones who could brew the potion had to be the most powerful wizards alive.

Tom got himself deeper into dark magic and eventually turned into Lord Voldemort. By then he was powerful. He made the potion and almost gave it to his daughter, but was stopped by a seer who found him and told him about Harry. He had a new idea. He wouldn't give Felicity the potion until Harry went to school so she could lead Harry to him.

He got tired of waiting so when Harry was a year old, he went to kill him. Harry ended up destroying Voldemort by the love of his mother.

It was a good thing that Voldemort had trusted Lucius Malfoy with his secrets and had given him the antidote in case something went wrong. When Voldemort was destroyed, Felicity went to the Malfoy family, but still had to stay hidden in the attic. She watched the Malfoy family through cracks in the walls, which she could get to by the stairs and doors that led to the middle of the walls, and holes in the ceiling. She got a lot of food at a time so they wouldn't have to go up there often.

When the time came, Lucius gave her the potion and she turned eleven and got her Hogwarts letter, along with Draco Malfoy who didn't know her, but she knew him well, and Harry Potter, the boy who destroyed her father.

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