A Random Story. (Danny Edge

"Bella this is Danny." My mother said.

This might be triggering it might talk about depression self harm and stuff like that.

Hello everyone this is my first book and I don't know what it will become I suck at spelling and I might delete this because I will probably get bored of this and I will probably only update when I'm bored. Hope you in joy.


1. Chapter 1

Today my neighbour Danny Edge and his family is coming over. I really don't want them to not because I'm rude and I don't like them its the opposite of that I really like Danny. I watch all of his youtube videos. But he thinks of me of some big bitch that thinks I'm better than him 'cause every time I see him I walk the other way or don't talk to him cause I'm scared that he will hate me. I mean I only have one friend named Megan. But I mean he already hates me. But any way they are coming at 5 and it's 4. So I have to get ready I jump in the shower and have around 35 minute shower and get out. I put on music and walk in to my room and go to my closet and find a black pair of skinny jeans and a black 5sos shirt. and walk back to my bathroom and brush my hair and put it in a pony tail and brush my teeth. I walked out to my bed and sit on my bed after a few songs I heard the door bell ring. I walk down the stairs and into the living room and see Danny's family sitting there. I went and sat down in my favourite chair. My mum noticed I walked in and she said to me "Bella this is Mr. and Mrs.Edge and their son Danny." I nodded and looked at my phone that was in my lap. "Why don't you two get to know each other well we go talk in the kitchen?" Danny and I nodded our heads. Our mothers and fathers left us alone in the living room. I hate my mum right now she knows I like Danny that's why she wants us to get to know each other. "I like your shirt." Danny said. "T-t-thanks." He nodded. "H-how i-is your e-eyeb-brow?" I asked. Danny give me a weird look than asked me "How do you know about my eyebrow your cants see it?" I turned a really dark red and looked down. I looked up a little and I saw him smiling. "You watch my videos don't you?" I nodded and turned a darker red.


That's the end of the first chapter. I pretty sure Danny has like brothers and sisters but in this story he has none. I know this probable really shit but It's my first story so yeah. So bye Love mack. 

P.S My real name is Mackenzie just saying you probably don't care so bye for real this time 

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