Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


2. Two

It was 8:30, and we had just entered the party. It was already filled with people from school, loud music, drugs and alcohol. Caroline and Matt made their way in the living room to dance, while me and Tyler were standing there, completely awkward. Tammy left us to find Damon, and Stefan was nowhere in sight.
"So.. how's everything? We've been distant lately, I'm making sure everything is okay." Tyler asked politely.
"All's well, how about you?" I asked back, to be polite. But deep down I hated this small talk.
"Good. You look nice, I can't believe you actually wore a dress." he said, giving me his infamous 'stare in the eye' look.
"It's almost summer, I thought I'd try something different." I replied.
"Oh please, we've been friends since elementary school. You barely ever wear dresses. You wore it for Stefan didn't you?" he asked.
"No.. Maybe I did-"
"Look, nothing's changed. I still want to be friends, so please let me. Share what you're feeling with me, I don't want us to be awkward like this. I miss you." he blurted, and I could tell it was sincere.
"I miss you too, so much!" I replied, with a smile.
"Well I'm pretty sure I just saw Stefan leave through the front door, maybe you should go say hi. Don't worry I'll be fine." he said, patting my back.
"Thanks Ty. Catch you soon." I said, making my way through the crowd to find Stefan.

I opened the front door but he was nowhere in sight. All I saw was a bunch of cars parked, and a few people. I walked towards their backyard but that was completely empty. I saw their backyard basement door open so I walked down the stairs.

"Oh my god." I whispered, as I saw Stefan cutting some girl's hands and drinking her blood.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled, finally getting his attention and his eyes widened.
"Emma.. Shh just be quiet. You're not supposed to be here." Stefan said, slowly walking towards me.
"Stefan stay away! What are you doing to this girl? Did you kill her? What the hell?" I yelled, still shocked of what I had just witnessed. A dead girl, with her hands chopped off.
"Please, it's not what it looks like. Emma please, just calm down okay." he said, in a calm voice.
"Are you insane? Calm down, with a dead body in the same room? Stefan what were you doing, I don't understand. I can't even be in the same room as you. This is sick, you're sick!" I said, running back up to the backyard.

But he was already in front of me. His bed hair even messier than usual. His eyebrows furrowed. His eyes so innocent. But his lips were covered in blood.

"What the hell? Stefan.. stay away!" I yelled with my voice shaking, not being able to think clearly of what was happening.
"I'm not a killer Emma! I'm not a freaking killer. Please, if you calm down and listen to me, I'll explain everything." he reasoned.
"No, I saw the body. You have blood all over your hands for god's sake. Stop lying! Leave me alone!" I said, trying to push him out the way so I could leave.
"I'm not letting you go till you listen to my explanation." he said, grabbing my arm with his eyes piercing through me.
"Fine, but keep your distance." I said, a bit scared, and a bit angry.

He took me into this small shed, in the backyard which I had never noticed before. The shed looked small on the outside, but when we got in it was almost as big as a living room. It had a very Victorian vibe to it. It was warm and dark with a dark red couch, a fireplace and a big brown chanderlier. Book shelves covored every inch of the wall. The top part had books, while the bottom part had alcohol, of all kind. 

"Emma what I'm about to tell you will make you question everything you know about life and death. Part of you won't believe a word I say, but that's up to you. It's your natural instinct to not trust what you're about to hear, and I get that. But that's the truth." Stefan said, motioning me to sit on the couch. He got up and poured himself a glass of Scotch. 

"Look, half of Earth hasn't even been discovered yet, which means there are unknown species roaming around in the living. God knows how many unknown species roam around the dead." he stated, in the most serious tone possible.
"What? What are you even saying?" I asked, confused.
"Think of it as a circle. Half of the circle belongs to the living, like you and me. And the other half belongs to the dead, people who have died. Now I'm not a human, but I am a living creature which is why I roam among the living. And the dead have a life as well, but they're on the dead side, which means they can do everything we do, except they are immortal. Just on their side though. There's a line that divides both sides, and if things like me are on this side, can you imagine what could be roaming the streets of the dead side?" he asked, looking right at me, as he too a sip of his drink.
"What do you mean things like you? What are you? And what does any of this have anything to do with you?" I asked, starting to breath heavy.
"Emma.. I'm a Vampire. I drink blood and I can't survive without it." he finally revealed.
"How.. is that even possible?" I asked, in shock, unable to process anything that was happening.
"I'm a Vampire." he repeated.
"I heard you! I'm asking how? Let's say I believed you, how did you become a Vampire? And why aren't you on the dead side? Aren't you dead? Aren't you immortal?" I asked, all this information overwhelming me. 
"I am immortal, but I can choose not to be. And no I'm not dead. Everything you've ever seen in movies about us is a lie. You don't have to die to be a Vampire, you can be born as one. But if a Vampire does die, they pass on to the other side. Humans can't." he answered, still very calm.
"And why are you telling me this? Are you gonna kill me now that I found out?" I asked nervous, but not letting him sense it.
"No of course not. I'm telling you this because I want you to trust me, I'm not a monster. I'm still Stefan, your friend. Everything is up to you, but I don't want anything to change between us." he stated, putting his hand through his hair.
"Ugh Stefan. An hour ago I was worried about what to wear. And couple minuets ago I saw you kill someone. And now I learned that you are a vampire. I think I'll need some time before I decide anything." I said.
"Yea of course. Take your time. Please." he said, getting up from his seat, and making his way out the door.

I know Stefan is a good guy, and being a vampire doesn't change that. But he still is a blood-sucking creature that kills humans. I'm not scared of him though, but I know I should be. But why would he trust me with his darkest secret? And even leave it up to me to decide for myself? 

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