Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


7. Seven

"So did you find anything?" I asked, looking at the clock above the bookshelf in Stefan's room. It had been almost an hour of digging.
"I haven't. Have you?" Stefan asked facing Damon, who was very busy going through book after book.
"This book, how old is it?" Damon asked, showing Stefan.
"It was a gift from Lexi, so it must be older than me." Stefan replied, suspiciously.
"Who's Lexi?" I asked.
"She's my best friend, who Damon killed." Stefan replied, giving Damon a look as he spoke.
"What? Why?" I asked.
"Okay not our biggest problem right now. This book is missing pages, but it says something about a woman who had the power over supernaturals, and by that I mean every supernatural. Dead and living." Damon explained.
"What does that have to do with Emma?" Stefan asked, taking the book from Damon's hands.
"Will you let me speak? Turns out this woman was human, and every 500 years somebody new has to take that place, because if you didn't know science, humans die." Damon stated.
"So I'm some reincarnated old woman?" I asked.
"No Emma. You're a in once every 500 years happening human." Damon replied, smirking. Ugh.
"Wait hold on. So what else does the book say?" Stefan asked, flipping through the book.
"It doesn't say a single thing about the Circle of life and why it's lost division. I've already looked, but I'm pretty sure it's missing pages." Damon added.
"We would know what was happening if you hadn't killed Lexi." Stefan snapped, putting his hand through his hair.
"No time to be petty brother. I'm sure I can find out, I have connections. Just keep Emma safe here, until I return." Damon said, walking out.
"Wait! I can't just spend an entire Saturday here. I have to go back home, my parents are coming back to town, I have to clean up and I have to check up on Eli." I stated, getting up.
"Are you really going to argue with a 200 year old Vampire?" Damon asked, taking step after step towards me.
"Stop, she's right. This isn't her problem, she deserves to live her life Damon. She's not a prisoner, and I'm not keeping her hostage.
" Stefan defended me.

"This is Elena all over again. Whatever, just remember how that turned out. I'll text you if I find anything." Damon said, vanishing into thin air.

I took a deep breath. Every minuet something new turned up. Is this what vampire life was all about?

"I'm sorry. I really don't wanna get you involved in any of this. I'm sorry it was a mistake." Stefan said, guilt written all over his eyes.
"Stefan I'm fine it's okay. I just don't wanna forget my normal life, getting caught up in a supernatural one." I said.
"No Emma you're not fine. I'm sorry for getting you involved, I ruined your life forever. It wasn't my call to make, and I'm gonna let you go. I think that you have a beautiful life ahead of you and I hope you live it. Please forgive me." he said, turning his back towards me.
"You don't mean that." I said, brushing my hand on his arm.
"But I want to mean it. Look, the last time I involved a human girl into this, I didn't let her go. And that was a mistake I'll always regret. I brought it upon her- I brought death to her doorstep. And I can only try to keep myself from making the same mistake, because I can't correct my last one. I'm not going to bring death upon you, or even let it get close to you. I'll always protect you Emma, but from a distant." he said, with a firm face.
"Stefan you're only protecting me from you.. and that makes no sense because I know you'll never hurt me." I stated, ironically feeling a bit hurt.
"Emma you will not be another person that ends up dead because of my selfishness. Please let me right my wrongs." he argued.
"Fine. How will you protect me from a distance if some mermaid tries to drown me in the ocean? Or some unicorn tries to stab me with it's horn?" I asked, very seriously but Stefan may have confused it for a joke. He chuckled, which didn't happen a lot. Stefan rarely smiled or laughed.
"I'm glad that even your death scenarios are optimistic. But I'll protect you, I'll be there for you. I just think it's better for you to keep a distance. Live your normal life. Forget everything that happened." he said, touching my cheek lightly.
"Please Stefan, this is my decision. If there's any way I'm going to be safe, it's when I'm with you. Now come drop me off to my house." I said, pulling his hand hoping he'd stop being so stubborn.

He sighed, but didn't say anything. I'm guessing he gave up. Emma 1, Stefan 0. 

He locked the door and we made our way to where his car was parked. A sudden hand pulled me back, and it was Stefan's. He put his hand on my waist and gave me a very passionate kiss. I could almost taste the passion. He then kissed my cheek, and we got inside the car. Here we go, back to my normal life.

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