Emma will be revealed to the world's most darkest creatures by her accidental fate. Throughout her journey into life's mysteries, she realizes there's a whole other dark twisted world filled with dark twisted people.. (Includes few characters from TVD)


4. Four

We finally broke the kiss and he just stared into my eyes. I never realized how deep his eyes were. It was dark and green, and looked so miserable.

"So uh, tell me something about Vampires. Like is Damon one too? How old is he? How did you guys become one?" I asked, curiously as we sat down in my bed.
"Well yea, Damon's also a Vampire and he's 200 years old as well, just a bit older by couple of months. And you can be born as a Vampire but I was turned, and I turned Damon." Stefan answered. "Rumor has it that the first Vampire on Earth is still alive."
"Do you know who he was? Or how he became a Vampire?"
"They say his name was Ambrogio, of Italy in the 1200's. He was cursed to never walk in the Sun because of something he did, and his soul rested with Hades' the god of Hell. This meant he couldn't be killed, because his soul would always be alive in the other side. He prayed every night to his god, and one day she answered him. She couldn't take away the curse of the Sun, but she blessed him by enhancing his powers when it was nighttime. And he could always have access to this power, but how? So she tied his powers to something that he could access easily, and always find no matter where he went: blood." Stefan said, shifting uncomfortably.
"And have you ever ran into this guy in your 200 years?" I asked, more curious than ever before.
"Once or twice." he answered solemnly.
"So he basically made you?"
"Basically." he stated. "Anyways, I want to take you somewhere, please come." he said, holding his arm out to escort me.
"Sure." I replied, interlocking our arms.

Something happened when I touched his arm. I quickly let go of his arm.

"What?" Stefan asked with widened eyes.
"Sorry I thought I felt something, it was probably nothing." I replied.
"Oh no.. it wasn't just nothing." he said, pointing at my arm.

My arm was red, almost like a burn but it was in a shape. A circle.

"What the hell? Do you see that or am I going crazy?" I asked, shook up by how many creepy things were happening lately.
"You're not crazy. This isn't a coincidence Emma. This means something, and you're gonna have to come with me to see what it's trying to tell us." Stefan said, his eyebrows furrowing with worry.
"Where exactly are we going?" I asked, leading the way downstairs.
"My house. We have many books on symbols and I've see that symbol somewhere before. We just have to study it." he replied, opening the car door for me.

I always saw this in movies. The human girl with the bad boy vampire always has to go through a series of creepy events. I just hope none of this leads to something terrible. Ugh, I hope I didn't jinx that.

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