Alex in Wonderland


1. Chapter 1

I sighed and stared at my parents grave. They were killed on impact from a car crash. It's been 5 months since then. I live with my grandma now. "Alex!" My grandma called from the car. "Coming Grandmother." I sighed out and left the graveyard. 

I can't really lie. I do miss them and I feel guilty. My last words to them was 'I hate you!'. They were going off on another business trip, leaving me by myself at the house for the 6th time that month. 

I sighed at the thought. "Hurry up if you want dinner made." My grandma huffed. She was pretty mean when she was hungry. That's why I hated her. I wanted to go with one of my aunts or uncle's but they had children of their own to care for. I didn't want to burden them with another mouth to feed. Or even my older brother. But he was sadly out of the country for a couple more months.

My only other option was my mean (*cough* word *cough*) grandmother. Sure she's nice in family gatherings but she's a real jerk when we're not around family. I feel like a Cinderella. 

I got into the car and buckled up. I closed the door and stared out the window. Fog began to grow around everything. We lived in the outskirts of England. It was quite lonely and a very far walk to school.

Not that it really mattered. I didn't have any friends really. People talked to me but I hardly ever talked back. 

I think I ended up dozing off because before I knew it we were back at my grandmother's house. I sighed. The fog was thick but not too thick. I got out with my grandma and walked to the house.

She walked in and sat down in my deceased grandfather's recliner. "Go make something." She ordered "Yes grandmother." I said and left off to the kitchen.

I pulled pots and pans out to make her favorite. I knew it by heart because I would make it ever other week, per request. I sighed more and pulled the ingredients out.

It was after we ate. I stared out the window as I did the dishes. I plotted my plan to run away. 'I'm fed up with being Cinderella!' I thought to myself and finished up the dishes.

I waited for my grandmother to go to sleep before walking out of my room. I had all the necessities to survive. Clothes,food,water bottles,flashlight, batteries,cell phone, money,and small first aid kit. I shoved them into my backpack.

When I was all set, I slipped on my shoes and quietly opened the door. I walked out and shut the door silently. I took a deep breath of the cold night air. I turned and started to make my way into the forest.

I looked around. It was hard to see due to the fog. I sighed again and held my backpack straps close to me it was eerily quiet. To quiet for comfort.  I shrugged it off and kept walking. I made it into the forest. 

I was getting tired of walking and was about to sit down and rest but a snap of a thing stopped me. My eyes widened in slight fear as I turned my head to see if anyone was around. No one. i began to walk faster and faster. Suddenly something hopped out from the bushes. I screamed in fear and put my arms up over me in a defensive stance.

When I heard nothing I opened one of my eyes and looked to see a white rabbit. I slowly relaxed and laughed at myself. "Oh Alex. Scared of a bunny? You're such a chicken." I said aloud to myself. The rabbit stared up at me with its beady red eyes. I crouched down and smiled for the first time in 5 months.

"What are you doing out here little guy?" I asked and reached my hand out to touch it. It flinched and started to hop away. "W-wait!" I called after it. I stood up and chased after it. I kept running through the thick fog. Trying to get the white rabbit. But I had no such luck.

I started to run out of breath. He was going to fast. Soon he disappeared. I looked around to see if I could find him. I couldn't. Soon I fell into a rabbit hole. I screamed in terror. 'Since when was a rabbit hole big enough for me to fall through!?' Was my last thought before I blacked out.

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