Unknown Princess


10. Chapter 10

It's about 11:00 here in the Kingdom of Rike. I tossed and turned in my bed, trying to sleep. I sighed and gave up. I was feeling too home sick to sleep. I sat up. I tried to to make a plan to leave. 'I'll do it right now. It'll be easier since everyone is asleep.' I thought to myself. I got up. I shivered as my bare feet touched the cold hardwood floor. 

I went to grab my cloak. I put it on and, not really caring that I had no shoes on and that I was just in a nightgown, ran out of my room and into the chilling night. I ran to the horse stables. It was warmer in the stables. I stopped running and went to one of the horses that had moved the carriage that brought me here.

I settled on a beautiful black stallion. I took him out of his pen thing and brought him over to where I could sattle him up. When I finished sattling him up, I hopped on. I lightly kicked his sides to tell him to go. As I did he bolted off into the night. 'Home here I come.' I said to myself

-Carter's P.O.V-

I woke up to a horse galloping away. I sat up fast. I felt a bit dizzy but brushed it off. I got up and looked out my window. Before they disappeared into the night, I caught a small glimpse of a piece of their clothing. It was a light blue piece of fabric. It reminded me of Skylar's favorite color. 'Wait! Skylar!' I yelled to myself as I ran out of my room. I rushed to Skylar's room. I knocked on her door as I reached her room. No answer. I knocked again and lightly called her name. No answer again.

By now, I was panicking. "Skylar?" I called as I opened the door to her room. Her room was dark and unsettlingly quiet. I could see a bit due to the moon light that shown into the room. I walked farther into the room. I looked around. No Skylar. But I did notice that her bed was messed up, like she barely got up, but her shoes were still here. I thought for a moment before it all clicked. My eyes widened in realization. "No." I said and ran out of the room.

I ran back to my room to put on some boots. When I had them on I grabbed my sword and ran out to the stables. I grabbed a random horse and hopped on. "Hya!!" I yelled and flicked the reins. The horse dashed off.

-Skylar's P.O.V-

My hood fell off due to the wind. The horse was going pretty fast. I slowed the horse down when I heard a sound. I looked in both directions. The horse stopped moving. I heard a twig snap. I flicked the reins and lightly kicked the horses side. The horse started to gallop away. More snapping twigs. My breath was now fast and uneasy.

Low laughing could be heard. 'Oh no. Bandits!' I yelled to myself. I started to freak out. "Faster boy." I whispered to the horse. He neighed and went faster. We went a far distance before a group of bandits surrounded us. The horse neighed and went onto his hind legs. I held on tightly and tried to calm him down as he did. I still ended up falling off. I yelled as I hit the ground. The horse...ran off.

I started to panic more and started to question wether or not this was a good idea. The bandits started to walk closer.

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