Unknown Princess


1. Chapter 1.

Hello. My names Skylar. I'm the Princess of Rike. But I don't really like being royal. I've always hated being royal.

"Skylar dear." My mom said from the other side of my giant door I reluctantly opened my door to reveal my beautiful mother the queen. "Hello mother." I said with a fake smile plastered on my face 

"Hello dear. So I came here to tell you something important." My mom said. I tilted my head to the side as to say 'what is it'. "I bet your wondering what it is." My mom said. I nodded my head 'yes'. "We are having a ball for your 16th birthday!" My mom squealed in excitement 

"Whoopdeedoo." I said sarcastically "So find a dress for tonight." She said with a excited aura around her 

"I will mother." I said and curtsied to her 

"Good afternoon and chose a elegant dress please?" My mother begged 

"Of course mother and good afternoon." I said and was still cursieing. "Great a ball just what I've always wanted." I said sarcastically in my head and closed my gigantic door. 

"Hey sky." My brother Taylor said and opened my door. 

I sighed in frustration "What do you want now Taylor?" I said in an annoyed tone of voice 

"Sheesh calm down miss.grumpy pants." He said 

"What do you want?" I said still annoyed 

"Hey I can't I come wish my little sister a happy birthday." He said sarcastically 

"Thanks I guess." I said confused by his sarcastic remark. 

He sighed "Anyway father wants you in the Throne room." He said and walked out. 

"Hmm...I wonder what he wants..." My voice trailed off. So I starte to walk towards the throne room. "You wanted to see me father?" I asked politely 

"Yes...your now 16." My father the king said 

"Soo..." I said getting really Inpatient 

"You are of the age to become Queen." He sighed then started to talk again "I know you won't like this and you think you can take care of your self." I cut him off "Which I can." I said. 

Then he sighed again "I know you can but can you protect yourself?" He said and stared at me 

"Of course I can father." I said and looked somewhere else so I didn't feel the anger building up inside me cause I knew what he was about to say.

"Well...because you are of age you'll need a body gard...So please let him protect you." He said carefully knowing full darn well I was upset. 

"Well if I let this happens I won't be able to go outside at night to the garden...but if it makes them happy I guess..." I said in side my head. I sighed in frustration and started to rub my temples "If it makes you guys happy then I'm fine with it." I said and stopped rubbing my temples then I smiled at him. I didn't want to make my parents worry so much so might as well say yes. My father started to smile to "But on one condition." I said and his smile fell 

"What?" He asked 

"This body gard will he be a knight or an actual gard? And he can't fallow me every where and tell me what I can and can't do and report to you and tell you everything I've been up to ok?" I said sternly. 

He sighed "Fine...and he's going to be a knight." He said and put on his 'I love you so much' smile and I smiled back and cruised and walked out of the throne room and bumped into someone or something and I fell to the floor. 

"Oh I'm terribly sorry miss." The person said and he/she held out there hand "It's ok." I said and took their hand and looked at them it was a boy. He was so handsome but I soon snapped back into reality when I relized it was my brothers friend Carter I started to blush like crazy when I found that out. 

"Oh good afternoon prince Carter." I said and cursied as low as I could so he wouldn't see me blushing.

"Oh hey Skylar what's up?" He asked and smiled 

"Umm...just trying to go to my room and pick out a dress for my birthday party tonight." I said and faked smiled back still looking down "Yeah I'll be there for that...Do you mind if I have the first dance?" He asked kinda blushing as well.

I looked up at him "S-sure." I said kinda nervous but thank the heavens my brother came in when he did or It would be a really awkward silence between us. 

"Hey Carter...And little sis." Taylor said and smiled at the two of us "I guess I'll see you at the party then." He said and started to walk off but bowed first "Yeah see ya soon." I said and cursied as he walked off "Wow that was the most awkward situation I've ever been in." I said in my head and started to walk off towards my room.

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