Silver Tear

Elise Grey Hart is a very smart girl who became dumb for a great chef. Love at first sight. She goes crazy for him. She's a famous author. She starts a site called Silver Tear and people go crazy for the site. "WHO IS SILVER TEAR?".


1. Beauty in Sight

"Ah yes how nice is it to be back right David said Elise coming out of the airplane smelling the good Korean air like a star.

"Miss Elise please stop posting things on instagram because of that we left america the idol star world, now we have to come to Korea to fix your cooking problem you posted with carrots said David.

"David! why are you yelling at me I just wanted to look cool that's all said Elise.

"Yeah and now to look cool we have to meet a chef please be quiet  respect him oh and he hates smart girls so please dumb it down a little for him said David serious.

"Hey, David he seems like a old guy not fun but interesting yes said Elise.

A black van pulls up and a guy comes out.

"Miss Elise hello I am Ross Wei I am here to drive you to Mr. U-Jin Moon since he heard you were born here but raised in the states, he thought you might know more of the foreign language then our language. I am here for you I can be your translater said Ross.

"How nice of the old man tell him I said Anyeong and of course I know korean how rude of him said Elise getting mad.

Elise pouting with a mad face, she takes out her hand and grabs Ross's hand.

"Well Mr. Ross you seem very nice so I am Elise Grey Hart I am the genius girl who wrote the book Export Drama and I became very famous at the age of fourteen, but I am retired now, I just came to fix a mistake I made and I will only be here for three months. I will have to go back to the Author enterprise they need me there said Elise.

"Okay miss please said Ross opening the car door.

"Thank you said Elise getting in the car.

Elise closing the car door, David almost getting in gets slammed in the face with the door. Down on the ground knocked out.

"Hey I told you to stop sleeping on dirty floors! screamed Elise to the knocked out David.

"Huh...mumbles David.

"Mr. Ross can you help me here said Elise.

Ross gets out of the van and picks up David and into the van.

"Is he gonna be okay? asked Ross driving the car.

"Yea he does that a lot said Elise.

"Oh blood! screamed Ross looking at David's gushing bloody noise.

"Do you have any napkins? asked Elise.

"Here quick said Ross giving Elise the napkins.

"Ross! look the road! watch out! screamed Elise.




"Mam are you okay what happen to you? asked a lady in white clothes.

Elise was dragged on the gurney and into the surgery room.

"Stay with me said the nurse.

Rushed onto the surgery room everything Elise saw was blurry dark.


"Are you her guardian? asked a nurse.

"Yes I am said a guy.

Elise was on her hospital bed and woken up by the voice of a man.

"How is she? asked the guy very worried.

"Two other men were here from the crash, there was a car accident sir I am so sorry they were sent to another hospital said the nurse.

"Ross! which hospital is that said the man shaken a bit very worried.

"Someone called nine one one and the bodies were separated said the nurse.

The guy was about to leave, the nurse stops him.

"Sir stop! you can't leave her alone here said the nurse.

"Huh...okay said the guy.

"Sir calm down they are okay said the nurse.

"But we did surgery in the lady's eyes she was over bleeding a lot and to tell you the truth please watch her in the near future it might be possible for her to go blind said the nurse.

"Oh okay said the guy holding the nurse's hands and giving her the I am worried face.

"Since she's gonna have the blind fold on her face for two days maxed I'd prefer you take her home tomorrow for her care.

"Okay said the guy.



"Ow my head said Elise getting up from her bed.

"Ahhhhh! screamed Elise.

"I can't see is so dark said Elise very shocked getting out from her bed walking towards the door almost.

"What..what happen are you okay? you scared me said the guy getting out of the bathroom and bumping into Elise.

"Ow your pretty tall and very well built too, who are you? and where is my David? said and asked Elise touching the guy's chest and stomach area.

"Oh I am someone important that doesn't matter right now are you okay? asked the guy.

"Well if you won't tell me who you are then I will just give you a name because I can't call you,"You" all the time. Okay I like the super hero hulk he is my favorite so you will be hulk you have the calling for it emphasis on your abs said Elise smiling.

"Okay girly your quite chirpy for someone who's been in a car accident said hulk grabbing her arms and looking at her.

"Hey let go just because I was nice that doesn't mean we are friends okay. And what happen to me and David and Ross oh my god are they okay? why do I have a blind fold on. Oh no I am a tragic story why! said Elise weird out from hulk and breaking away from his arms.

"Elise calm down I am not a bad person I  know Ross he works with me. They are okay I went to visit them this morning you were the last in waking up. Don't worry Ross only broke his leg and David broke his arm we are gonna meet them at the restaurant  okay and then we will take off your blind fold you had a lot of bleeding in your eyes doctors had to do surgery. But I am sure you will be fine said hulk.

The doctor comes in.

"Okay miss you may go and sir don't forget that when you take the blind fold off tell me if there is anything wrong okay said the doctor.

"Okay doctor said hulk.

"Wait doctor what do you mean if there is anything  wrong said Elise worried.

"Don't worry we are just being cautious that's all said the doctor.

"Okay Elise are you ready to see David said hulk.

"Yes please said Elise.


4:00 pm in the Aroma Flower Restaurant

"Okay hold on to me careful said hulk.

Wow he's well built and gentle very nice thought Elise holding hulks arm,

"Elise! my sweet girl oh god thank you, I promised your dad shame on me said David crying and hugging her tight.

"Miss! I am very sorry please forgive me said Ross holding her hand sadly.

"It's okay I am alive right said Elise smiling.

"Your really kind said Ross.

"Stupid David! where were you? said and asked Elise crying.

"Don't worry I will never leave you said David.

"You better said Elise pushing him.

"A Hum thank you very much said David to hulk.

"No it's okay said hulk.

"Okay it's time are you ready to see Elise said hulk.

"Yes please let me see said Elise a little scared.

So hulk started unwrapping the blind fold Elise had wrapped up on her eyes.

"Can you see me? said David.

"Ummm David her eyes were not like that before said Ross worried.

"I can see a little said Elise.

"Don't try so hard girly said hulk.

"Wow! Elise your eyes said David.

"Hulk?...what's wrong with my eyes? asked Elise.

"I am over here said hulk.

I have never seen such a beautiful person ever. You might think I am exaggerating but his looks are not of this world. Brown straight hair short, tanned skin, brown eyes, lips that looked like a cheerful flower his smile and dimples thought Elise.

"Oh lord! screamed Elise all blushed and red. From all the things she saw tired her so she fainted.

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