When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


35. wow

Abby's POV

I opened my eyes a bit and saw Luke sleeping still.I moved closer to him "good morning,babe" Luke said in his sleepy voice "morning" I said.I wasn't feeling to good this morning and I keep feeling nauseous.Suddenly I had to rush to the bathroom.I was throwing up really badly,Luke came next to me and held my hair.When I was done I flushed the toilet and brushed my teeth.I went to bed again still feeling sick "Are you feeling better?" Luke asked me "no" I said "I'll bring you some pills" he said and went to get them.He came back with two pills and a glass of water."I'm scared" I said after I took the pills "why?" Luke asked me "because I'm throwing up and my stomach hurts and I'm scared something's wrong with the baby" I said "I'll call the doctor" he said and called him.After they talk Luke came as sat next to me "he wants us to go there" Luke said "ugh but I don't feel like getting up" I groaned.Luke went to his suitcase and got changed and went to my side of the bed and picked me up like a little kid.I hurts when I move and that was scaring me.We got in the car and left to the clinic.We got there and waiting a bit until they called us.They called us and a nurse guided us to the doctors office where we sat down on two chairs and started talking to the doctor."So you've been throwing up and having really bad cramps" he asked me "yes and it's gotten to the point where it hurts when I move" I said.He guided us to a room and asked me to lay down in a bed.He rubbed a cold gel in my bumb "the baby is perfect,the throwing up was just morning sickness which is normal and the pain was just that at night you probably slept with your bumb pressed against the mattress which is not good for the baby so try not to do that again" he said making me feel less scared.We talked for a bit and headed home.We got home and my whole family was there in the living room.Everyone was there except mom,dad and the twins "what's going on?" I asked my cousin Emily "it's Sophie" she cried.Me and Luke raced upstairs and went in her room to see my them surrounding her and the doctor checking her."Is everything okay?" I asked and my mom took me outside the room "Sophie is really ill...there's no time" she cried softly making me cry.We went back to her room and I went to her side.She look pale and her lips were chapped,she looked so weak."Hi" I whispered to her "hi...I'm scare,I don't want to leave yet" she said making my heart break into pieces "I'm sorry,we did everything we could" the doctor said and left "Can I have a moment alone with Luke and Abby?" She asked the others and they nodded and left."Guys,I don't want to leave you" she whispered and Luke started singing Amnesia almost whispering it.A tear rolled down her cheek.Luke stopped and she hugged him after hugging me and held on to our hands "will you both promise me something?" She asked us "promise me that you will be okay and that you won't be sad or depressed,that you will take care of that baby...Luke promise me that you will take care of Abby and not break her heart,that you won't ever stop singing and doing what you love" She said "we promise" we both said "I love you two...I love you,Abby I love you,Luke" she said and we leaned in and she kissed my cheek before kissing Luke's.She closed her eyes and I felt her hand let go of mine.I started crying so hard I just wanted to run and not stop.The doctor came in "she's gone" he whispered and my mom fell to the ground crying.

That night I was in my room with Luke.I was sitting in the floor just staring at the wall and Luke was next to me doing the same.My laptop started getting a skype call from the boys "We don't have to talk to them" Luke said "it's okay,I want to" I said smiling (which was fake).He answered the skype call "hey...we heard the news" Calum said "we're really sorry" Michael said "thank you,boys" I said smiling (real) "you know,we shouldn't be sad because now she's okay and now she doesn't go through pain or anything like that...instead of crying,we should celebrate her life" I said smiling and Luke hugged me.We talked with the boys for a bit and then hung up."I'm not gonna forget about her but I don't want to think about it and after all this is just a "see you soon" and I should be happy that she's happy now" I said smiling "yeah" Luke said "let's move on and be happy like she wants us to be" I said.We started talking about the baby "what if it's a boy?" Luke asked "mmm Jordan?" I asked and he shook his head "Boys names are hard" I said "okay then what if it's a girl?" He asked me "Melody?" I said and he smiled "do you like Melody?" He asked me "I love it" I said "Then we have a girl name" he said smiling uncontrollably."Okay now we have to talk about houses and apartments" he said "wait...what?" I asked surprised "well soon were gonna be a family" he said making me blush and smile "When we have an apartment and we have family pictures,can we hang a picture of Sophie?" I asked and a tear escaped "of course" he said "in two days I'm gonna be a month pregnant" I said and he kissed my cheek "When the tour is over,we'll get an apartment" he said.

After all that talking,we fell asleep

A/N-I'm sorry for the depressing chapter.I was gonna detail everything but didn't wanted to make anyone sad so I just skipped all the crying to the next night.I love you all and thank you for reading❤️

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