When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


20. without you I'm nothing

"One direction asked us to support them on tour" Ashton finally said "guys that's great omg I'm so proud of you" I said so happy for them "yeah it's great we have to leave for 6 months" Michael said and my world fell apart."6 months without you guys" I said,my voice breaking.Luke hugged me and I buried my face in his chest while crying and sobbing.I looked over to see Poppy crying and Ashton whispering something to her.Luke stood up then helped me "let's go" he said and we left.Luke dropped me off at my house and I ran to my room and heard Erika call my name.I locked the door behind me and fell on the ground crying and sobbing.I heard crazy knocking on the door and Erika screaming my name but I couldn't stop sobbing.I stood up still crying and opened the door and she came in and hugged me instantly.I cried like a baby on her shoulder.She pulled away "what's wrong?" She asked me after I calmed down a little bit "The boys are leaving on tour in 5 days and they're gonna be gone for 6 months" I cried "How am I gonna be without Luke for 6 months!?" I asked kind of yelling.She hugged me again while rubbing her hand on my hair."It's gonna be okay,I promise and I know you'll miss him but you can go visit him any time and he can come visit you".After a little while of talking to Erika,she left and I went in bed to watch YouTube in my laptop.After watched some videos I watched the video of Wherever You Are and started crying and sobbing again.I was so sad but angry at the same time that I threw on the ground the lamp in my nightstand.I heard my phone ring and unplugged it and saw Luke's face pop up.


L-Are you crying

A-yes-I kinda whispered

L-Fuck I'm gonna miss you-he said crying

A-me too

L-but I can come visit and you can come as well

A-yeah but still,Luke

L-I don't know what I'll do without you

A-it's so unfair,like I'm happy that you're living your dream but I have to be 6 months without you-I cried

L-I have to go,babygirl but we'll talk tomorrow okay?


L-I love you

A-I love you too

We hunged up and I went downstairs to the kitchen.I saw dad on the kitchen table drinking water "what are you doing here?" I asked him "Sophie's throwing up like crazy and has a really really bad headache and I just came here to calm myself down a little cause I'm really worried about her" he said really worried "what are you doing here?" He then asked me "couldn't sleep" I said and then mom came running down the stairs "Sophie fainted!!" She yelled and both me and my dad went running upstairs to see her passed out in the bathroom floor."ABBY CALL 911!!!" He yelled at me.I ran to my room and grabbed my phone dialing 911.I told them what was going on and the address.Luke called me again "what's going on? Why is there an ambulance in your house?" He asked me worried "Sophie fainted" I said crying.Man,today is a really bad day/night "omg why?" He said worried "she's been really sick for the past two days" I said.We talked for a while then we hung up.Mom and dad left to the hospital and left us here as we couldn't go in the ambulance."Oh God I hope she's okay" Erika said "me too" I said while yawning "Abby you should get some rest since today has been such a bad day for you,Erika you should go too" Erik said,I just nodded but went the couch."I'm sleeping here" I said "I have a better idea" Erik said and went upstairs.He then came down with lots of blankets and pillows and laid them on the floor in the middle of the living room "We're sleeping here tonight" he said while laying down in the floor in the blankets.Me and Erika laid down as well and it was so comfy and warm.I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep while thinking about this horrible day and also thinking about Sophie.

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