When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


32. ups and downs

A/N-So before I start the chapter I just want to say that I'm sorry for any typos in the chapter because I'm wearing a band-aid on my thumb so it's a bit hard to type with it😂Thank you all so so much for 10k reads! I love you!❤️❤️

Abby's POV

1D ended the concert and we went back to the tour bus.I wasn't feeling too good so I went to my bunk and the others stayed in the mini kitchen.Before taking a shower,I went to the back room or as Calum likes to call it "the back prison" to skype Sophie.She picked up immediately "hey!" I said "hey" she said weakly "are you okay,sis?" I asked "yeah just sick" she said "hey don't worry it'll pass" I said "I'm scared,abby" she cried which made my heart break to pieces "I'm sorry I can't be there with you" I cried.I felt so bad and guilty that I couldn't be the with her "I just want to be healthy" she cried even more "what did I do to deserve this,Abby?" She continued "You'll be okay" I said "I'm scared to die" she said "we're all dying,Sophie but some faster than others" I said trying not to be rude "remember Mr.Pizza?" I asked her.We used to have two hamsters;Mr.Pizza and Mr.Cheese and they were brothers but Mr.Pizza died before Mr.Cheese."yeah" she said "it's like that...Some die before others but Mr.Cheese died too just not at the same time as Mr.Pizza" I said making her understand and she did."Where will I go?" She asked me "Heaven and you'll sing and dance with the angels" I said "Will I see Michael Jackson?" She asked me making laugh "I'm sure he'll be there" I said making her smile "well I have to go take a shower...only four days until we see each other" I said winking "I know!" She said smiling uncontrollably "I love you,talk to you tomorrow?" I asked her "Yeah! I love you too" she said and with that we hunged up.Luke came in and sat down next to me "hey,baby" he said "hey"I said and buried my face in my hands and started crying.Luke rubbed my back and kissed the back of my head "I understand what you're going through but it's not good for the baby" he said and I stopped "you're right" I said.He hugged me tight "I'm here for you" he said "thank you" I said "I love you" he smiled "I love you too" I laughed at a silly face he made "I can't wait for our little hemmo to be born" he said and tickled my stomach."stop stop" I laughed and he stopped.I went to the bathroom to take a shower and took a shower.I came out and went to my bunk staring at Luke's.I texted him even though he was on the same bus.

A-I don't like this🙁

L-I want sleep with you in my arms❤️❤️


L-hold on

Suddenly my curtain opened and Luke picked me up bridal style and brought me to his bunk."I like this" He said and wrapped his warm arms around me and placing his left leg on mine "no fair,I wanna be big spoon"I said making a pout "and I wanna be on your side" I said again "I have to be here so if one of us falls,it'll be me" he said and we tried to sleep.After like half an hour,I couldn't sleep thinking about everything going on with Sophie."Luke?" I whispered,he shifted a bit "mm?" He asked "I can't sleep" I said "what's wrong" he asked me "I can't stop thinking about her" I admitted "I'll sing for you" he said and I smiled

When I'm away...I will remember how you kissed me...under the lamppost back on sixth street...hearing you whisper through the phone...wait for me to come home

After he sang that bit,I fell asleep in his arms.I love him so much

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