When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


42. our little hemmo is a...

Abby's POV

Today we're all heading back to Australia.We're currently in the airport waiting for our flight to be called.

Our flight finally got called and we borded the plane.I was listening to Small Bumb by Ed Sheeran because in only four months I'll have my baby in my arms.I fell asleep and slept the whole way home.

I woke up to the plane shaking.We landed in Sydney and got out of the plane.We got our stuff and went home."We still haven't done something" Luke said smiling "oh yeah,what's that?" I asked him "bought out apartment" he said "how about a house" I asked "are you sure?" He asked me "yeah" I said and he smiled even more making me giggle.We headed home and Luke went to his house to see his family and I went to mine.After a little while he came to mine and went in my room.We started planning everything "okay so I set up a meeting tomorrow to see some houses after the scan and then after he find out the gender of the baby we go shopping and stuff" he said "yeah then we go back to last two weeks of tour then come back here and set up everything at the house and then just wait for the time for our baby to be born" I said making him smile at the last part "you're so smily today" I laughed "I'm so excited" he said "me too" I said "someone's birthday is in two days" he said leaning towards me "hmm I wonder who's that someone" I said and pretended to think "soooo what do you want to do on your birthday?" He asked me "I just want to have a lazy day like eat pizza,watch movies,go to starbucks in sweatpants and then come back and play video games" I said "so like a sleepover?" He asked "pretty much" I said "as you wish" he said bowing down like a fancy person.

*next day*

I woke up and saw Luke in my bathroom getting ready.I got up and joined him but brushed my teeth.I got changed into an oversized sweater,white skinny jeans and flats.Today we're going to the scan then to look at houses.We got in the car "you okay?" Luke asked "yeah just nervous" I said "don't worry everything will be alright" he said and started driving.We got out of the car when we got there and went in and waited to be called.When we got called Luke held my hand tightly.I laid down in the bed thing and the nurse rubbed the gel in my bump."So you want to know the sex of the baby,correct?" She asked "yeah" I said and she kept looking at the screen."Okay so you're baby is a..." She paused and smiled "GIRL!!!" She said making us gasp "omg" Luke happy cried "I'm gonna have a little princess" he said and kissed me.I was happy crying as well.We talked a little bit with the nurse before heading out.We got in the car "Omg,Luke" I said hugging him "our little Melody" he said putting his hand on my stomach "our princess" I said making him smile.We then remembered we had to go look at houses and he started driving where we were gonna meet up with the real estate agent.

*at the meeting spot*

After we talked with the guy and looked at a couple houses,we got to one that caught our eyes.It was a two story one with a beautiful kind of like golden looking wood and next to the door there was a really big glass window.We got inside and saw the living room and the kitchen.We then went upstairs where the rooms were.There were four rooms which was perfect for us.It had a backyard that wasn't that big but not that small either,a basement which is perfect for a practice room and a garage."I really like this one" I said to Luke "me too" he said,we looked at each other and decided at the moment "this one" Luke said and the agent nodded.After we signed a lot of papers he said we could move in three days.Then after that we went baby shopping.

*baby store*

First we went to the cribs.I started to think Luke was more excited than me.We saw one that was white but also saw one that was like gold and we were thinking about making the room baby pink and white or baby pink and gold.We decided on getting the white one and making the room baby pink and white.We went to the clothes and got so much of it.We saw a penguin onesie and of course Luke just threw it in the shopping cart.We got some wall stickers that had crowns,flowers,castles,hearts and some letters to form the baby's name.We got so much and I picked out a onesie that said "I found a prince and his name is daddy" and it had a crown.I showed it to Luke and he loved it.When we got home we showed everyone all the stuff we got and the loved it.We went to bed "can't wait till our little Melody is born" I said and we fell asleep after talking a bit.

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