When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


51. just...

Abby's POV

It's been four months since Luke proposed.We already rented a place for the wedding.The wedding will be in December 3.Luke is in the studio finishing up the EP.I'm in bed watching American Horror Story.The doorbell rang making me jump.I went downstairs and opened the door and saw Halla there."Heya!" She said "hey!" I said and hugged her.I told her to come in and she joined me."I'm really bored" she said "wanna watch a movie?" I asked "yeah" she said.After a while of looking through movies,we picked Peter Pan.We were halfway through the movie when I got this extreme sharp pain in my stomach making me sit up quickly."Abby,are you okay" Halla asked sitting up.I couldn't answer because it hurt so bad.I started sweating like mad and suddenly I felt a liquid go through me and then the bad wet.I looked down and saw the bed wet."Halla,my water broke" I said shocked "Omg!" She started pacing around the room while I was just there sweating about to start screaming.She started yelling "OMG,Fred!! Omg! A baby wizard is coming!! Omg! Om-" I cut her off "Halla!" I said while gripping the bed sheets and placing a hand on my stomach.She looked at me and gasped "oh right,sorry I'm just so nervous" she said.She helped me up and brought me downstairs.I sat down on the couch panting."Get the bag that's in the nursery" I said and she ran upstairs.She came back with the bag and helped me through the door and into the car.The pain got worse and I couldn't keep it in anymore,I started yelling.

We got to the hospital "she's in labour" Halla said and immediately doctors and nurses came.They took me in a room and checked me up."Call Luke" I said.Halla called Luke."Luke! Get to the hospital now! Now dumbass! Abby's in labour! Yes! Oh and bring Mikey with you" she said.Halla went outside to wait for the boys while a nurse came and checked how dilated I was."Honey you're almost fully dilated" she said.I was panting and exhausted and it hadn't even started "okay" I whispered.I just wanted Luke and he isn't here.I started go cry.

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