When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


30. Japan

Abby's POV We got off the plane and went in the airport of Japan.Everything was so different ''whoa'' I breathed ''it feels weird'' Calum said.We kept walking until we saw the 1D boys.I stopped when we were getting close to them ''Abby? you okay?'' Luke asked me ''Holly shit that's 1D'' I said in shock.Luke laughed ''come on'' he said and wrapped his arm around my waist ''Hey!' the all sad and hugges us.When Louis was hugging me I squealed because Louis is my favorite ''what's wrong?'' he asked me ''you're my favorite from 1D'' I whispered ''do you like carrots?" he asked me ''I love them" I said ''I love her already'' he said to the others.We went to the tour bus and got settled in.We all had separate bunks which meant I couldn't sleep with Luke.Me and Halla went to the black part and saw Liz there ''Oh hi,Liz'' we said ''Hi,girls!'' she said and left again.Me and Halla started playing Call of Duty.We were still playing when someone opened the door ''Look who's here,the girls who came in and forgot to unpack'' Michael said and the other boys came and started at us as we played but we couldn't take our eyes off the game.''Okay girls come on we have to leave'' Liz said and took our controllers away ''no no no no no no'' we said as she took them away.Luke threw me over his shoulder ''come on we need to leave'' he said ''noooooooooo'' I whined and he put me down and pecked my lips.We left and went to the arena.The boys were currently rehersing as I was just on on of the sits watching them ''hi'' someone said sitting down next to me.I looked over to see Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg from YouTube ''OMG CASPAR AND JOE'' I practically yelled and they laughed a little and hugged me ''We know the boys and wanted to be here for their first show and we're also in a little vacation'' they said ''I love your videos so much!'' I said.I saw Halla and Poppy running to me ''is everything okay?'' I asked them ''NO!'' Halla said pissed ''well what is it?" I asked ''Poppy beat me in Mario Kart'' she said which made us all laugh. Rehersals were over and three hours later we were in the dressing roo with the boys getting ready ''Abby I'm so fucking nervous'' Luke said ''don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine and I'll be right here cheering for all of you'' I said and stood on my tip toes to kiss his forehead since he is freakishly tall ''I love you'' he said ''I love you too'' I said back and he kissed me.After having a little make out session ''as cute and at the same time awkard that is,we're on now'' Ashton said.I kissed his cheek and went backstage with the girls to see them perform.
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