When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


34. finally happy

Abby's POV

Today is the day me and Luke go to Sydney for a week to see Sophie.I woke up and went to Luke's bunk to wake him up "Luke...Luke...baby" I called but he wouldn't wake up.I kissed his lips gently and he kissed me back "I have to kiss you to wake you up?" I asked him "yes you do" he said laughing quietly and hugged me "I love you" he said "I love you too" I said back.We went to the bathroom and while Luke took a shower,I brushed my teeth.I went to the back room to get dressed and Luke came in.I took my pj top off and Luke snaked his arms around my tiny bump.He bent down and kissed it "I love you" he whispered and hugged my stomach resting his head gently on the bump.He stood up and pecked my lips before continuing getting dressed.I put on my black skinny jeans,an Ed Sheeran shirt and Luke's beanie.Luke was wearing a penguin tank top and a black jacket with a beanie too.We grabbed our suitcase and left the tour bus.We walked to the airport since it was only like five minutes away.We were currently still in Japan and it was 6:32am.We got to the airport and waited a bit.After like thirty minutes our flight got called and we boarded the plane.Me and Luke were sharing the earbuds and we were listening The 1975.I started to get really sleepy rested my head on Luke's shoulder.I fell asleep and woke up after what felt like an hour "how long was I asleep?" I asked Luke who was watching Mean Girls on his iPad "two hours and we're about to land" he said and continued watching the movie.We landed and went to get our suitcase.After we got the suitcase we were walking to leave and saw mom,Liz and Sophie.Sophie instantly saw us and ran towards us.Me and Luke bent down and opened our arms,she hugged us both at the same time so tight that her hat fell off.When we pulled away Luke picked her up and we walked to our moms.I hugged my mom and Luke hugged his mom and then we switched."I missed you both so so much" Sophie said "I like your hat" I said talking about her 5sos tally logo hat.We left the airport and headed home.When we got home we hugged everyone and then me and Luke headed upstairs to Sophie's room with her "So how've you been,little astronaut" I asked her "I've been better but at the same time I'm good and I'm not going to school anymore which kind of sucks cause I can't see my friends anymore but sometimes they visit me" she said "I have a surprise for you" I said and went to my backpack to get it.I handed her an envelope and watched as she opened it "OHMYGOD!!!" She yelled as she opened her 1D tickets "but this is in France" she said "which means..." Luke said gesturing her to finish the sentence "I'm going to France!?!" She asked surprised "yes!!" Luke replied and she hugged us both.

"Luke! Abby! Time for dinner!" My mom called us.We got up from my bed and went downstairs.We sat in the table "So how's tour?" My dad asked "it's been great" Luke said excited like a little kid "do you get nervous before going on stage to play to thousands of people?" Erika asked him "pfft no" he said "he even starts shaking and pacing around the room" I said and Erika awed."So Abby have you been getting sick or something because of the pregnancy?" Mom asked me "sometimes and if I do,it's always in the when I just woke up and when I'm going to sleep" I said.We all ate and me and Luke went back in my room "finally we can sleep together" Luke said taking off his shoes "yeah" I said and Luke came up to me and kissed my lips softly,then hard.His hand were on my waist and mine were on his neck while making out.He took off my shirt then my jeans.I did the same to him and soon we were both completely naked.While kissing,we moved towards the door and Luke locked it laughing a bit over the fact that we had to move just to lock it.We went in bed and Luke got on top of me kissing my neck and sucking on it from time to time.He then went inside of me gently but then faster and faster "fuck Abby" he moaned.We were kissing each other's necks when we heard a really loud thunder that made us both jump and stop.We laughed at carried on.Luked went faster and harder every second "shit,Luke harder" I moaned quietly.He did as I said and flipped me over so I was on top.He gripped my hips gently rocking me back and forth while I kissed his neck.I bit his neck really soft and gentle and then I started kissing all the way to his stomach until I got to his dick.I kissed his tip softly "Fuck Abby you don't have to do that" he said "I don't care" I said and carried on taking it in my mouth.Luke stopped me and pulled me up to him flipping me again.He started sucking all the way down to my inner thigh.His tongue brushed through my whole area and he gently kissed my entrance teasing me "Stop teasing" I said and he chuckled.His fingers went inside of me and I gasped at his actions.I moaned as he finger fucked me and pushed his head closer.I cummed on his finger and he went back up again.We fucked again but stopped."whoa" Luke panted "haha yeah...that was awesome" I said.Luke pulled me closer to him wrapping his arms around me and me burying my face in his chest.We stood up and took a shower before going in bed and falling asleep.

A/N-I feel like I suck at writing😕I'm really bad writing smut☹️sorry

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