When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


38. arguing

Abby's POV

Over the next few days I kept feeling tired and I just put it down to the baby but I was also starting to get frustrated at how little I saw Luke. I was so proud of all the boys and so happy they were becoming successful but I never see Luke.He comes,sleeps and when I get up the next morning he's gone.It's like that everyday.When I try to talk to him he has to leave.Today is the same thing.At the moment he's getting ready to leave (again) "Luke?" I said "yeah?" He said "Can we talk?" I asked him "I'm sorry but we have to leave" he said opening the door and leaving me there.A tear rolled down my cheek,my throat had a knot "why is he like this?" I thought to myself "Abby? You okay?" Poppy asked me "yeah" I said "You're not,I know you" She said "it's just that Luke is always busy,he's always out and he takes so long with fans that he gets here late and then the next day is the same thing" I said crying.She hugged me "that's his job,I get sad too when Ashton's gone" she said and we pulled away.I went to my bunk and laid there.

I was laying in my bunk for a while "Abby,we're going to the mall" Halla said "do you want to come?" Poppy asked me "no...I'll stay here" I said.They nodded and left.I cried over the fact that Luke doesn't have time for me anymore.I cried myself to sleep.

The boys came back after like 5 hours.The girls were in the couch and I was in the back room "well boys,we better get ready to sleep since we have to get up early tomorrow again" I heard Ashton say.My phone dinged,I checked it and saw that a fan tagged me in a picture of Luke and a girl kissing but it seemed she was a fan because security was 'controlling her'.As I saw that,I started crying and sobbing."Abby is everything okay?" Halla asked me coming in "look" I said and showed her the picture of Luke and the girl kissing on the lips "what the fuck" she said as she saw it."Luke come here" she raised her voice.

A/N-part two coming!!❤️

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