When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


39. arguing part 2

Abby's POV

Luke came and Halla showed him the picture.He looked at me while I was crying "That was a fan that tricked me I swear" he said which made me feel a little better "Luke can we talk?" I asked him "I have to go to sleep early since" he started "STOP!" I screamed and the others looked at us "you never have time for me anymore,you're always busy and you're always out and when I want to talk to you,you always say you're busy!" I practically yelled "I can't do anything about it!" He yelled "I came here with you because I didn't wanted us to be apart from each other and it wasn't worth it since you never have time for me!" I yelled "I'm just so busy" He said "STOP SAYING THAT...at least 5 minutes with me but no,you have to be all day out!" I yelled "The tour is stressing me out!" He yelled "AM I STRESSING YOU OUT??!! IS THAT WHY YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME ANYMORE!?!" I yelled "I CARE ABOUT YOU!!" He said "How!?! Are you gonna be like that when our baby is born?!" I asked him "No!" He said.Everyone was just standing there."I don't think I can do this anymore" I said "What do you mean?" He asked me,his voice breaking "you just don't care" I said almost whispering.I started crying "I just-I just want you to be happy" He said walking towards me and cupping my face staring into my eyes "Luke I'm scared...is this the way is gonna be when our baby's born?" I asked him "No" he said "you know when was the last time you told me you loved me?? Two weeks ago" I said and a year rolled down his cheek.Halla and Mikey came in and tried to make us 'make up.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower.I came out and saw Luke infront of the door waiting for me."Abby,I'm sorry" he said looking down "Luke I just..." I said but couldn't finish.I went to my bunk and closed the curtain.

I was asleep when my bunk curtain opened.Luke took my hand and brought me outside of the tour bus "what?" I asked.He didn't say anything,he just hugged me so tight not letting me go.I hugged him back crying "I'm such an idiot" I cried "I'm sorry,Luke" I said like four times "don't be sorry,it's my fault for getting so carried away with work" he said.He picked me up and brought me to his bunk.I was still crying "I promise I won't ever be like that again...I love you" he said and kissed me "I love you too" I said through the kiss."I'm sorry for overreacting" I said "it's not your fault,it's probably our little hemmo" he said.He lifted up my shirt a bit reviling my bump "hey little hemmo,I need you to stop making mommy feel double the way she feels okay? I love you" he talked to my bump and kissed it.He kissed me and we kissed for what felt like forever.After making out,Luke snaked his arms around my waist and we fell asleep.

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