When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


44. A/N

A/N-Hey everyone so the reason why I haven't updated is because I feel like there's no point on doing it.I'm not gonna stop writing but it's just sad because people who never update or have less reads and favorites than this book are on the popular page.I work a lot for this fanfic like I have a notebook full of ideas for it and I still feel like there's not point if I keep trying and not see any results.Also a lot has been going on lately and basically all of my friends replaced me and it just hurts when someone you used to consider a sister replaced you😔I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or anything,I'm just saying.I'll keep writing this fanfic because of you guys and thank you for commenting and reading,it really means a lot❤️❤️

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