When I meet them L.H

Everything changed when I met Calum Hood,Michael Clifford,Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings.


5. a new friend and a new place

Abby's POV

I came back from walking Sophie to her school and went straight to my room.I changed into my pijamas since it was 8:20 am.I jumped in my bed and started watching Supernatural on Netflix. After watching six episodes I started my schoolwork.I heard a knock on the front door and when I opened it a girl with blonde hair who looked about my age stood there.''Hi'' I said and she said ''Hi I'm Poppy,your neighbor and um I just came here to return this...it landed in my backyard'' she said while handing me a socker ball.''Thank you,this is my brother's ball and I'm sorry I promise it won't happen again'' I said,she chuckled a little ''it's okay don't worry'' she said.''I'm Abigail by the way but you can call me Abby'' I said.''Would you like to come in?'' I asked her and she nodded.We chated for a long time.Dad came home from work ''Hey honey who's your friend?'' dad asked me ''Hey,dad this is Poppy she's our neighbor'' I answerd.''Hello,Poppy'' dad said ''Hey Mr.Ryan'' Poppy said back.''Oh please call me Kevin'' he said and then left.I was still talking to Poppy when the doorbell rang.I opened the door and Ashton was there.''Hey Ashton what's up?'' I said to him,''Hey Abby just came here to say hi'' he said and I told him to come in.When we sat down I noticed that Poppy was a little red and looked kind of nervous ''Are you okay?'' I whispered to her and she nodded while staring at Ashton.''Oh I forgot! me and the boys are going to a little theme park near by,do you girls wanna come with us?" he asked us ''of course!'' I said and Poppy just nodded.She was acting quite starnge since he got here.Ash and Poppy left to get ready to leave to the theme park.I went upstairs and got in the shower.When I was done I got dressed into a muscle tee that had ''between...sunrise..& Sunset'' on it,shorts and my black and white vans.I boxer braided my hair then did my makeup and went downstairs to wait.A car beeped in front of my house and I knew it was them so we left to the theme park.We got there and it looked really cool.We got out of the car,paid for our tickets and went to have some fun.


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