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1. Waves

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All those feelings he felt for Josh, spread through him faster than the waves could drown him. He felt weak, but mostly  in love.

But then again, who wouldn't be?

Actually, He wasn't sure. And that trully irked him.

Tyler slumped down on the wet sand, his fists grabbing on to the sand strongly, supporting him from the sudden outburst he knew he could have any moment now.

His emotions were all over the place lately, making his wish to crumble and break down sound more appealing than sitting down on the wet sand, gripping it to dear life as the thoughts came and left, just like his frequent emotions.

Trembling suddenly as he heard Josh laugh at something, he glanced at the Waves, in all attempts to calm down his suddenly wild hormones for his best friend. HIS FUCKING BEST FRIEND!

Suddenly, he shot up and past the happy group of friends, quickly speed walking up the slightly steep walk to the small shopping area and searched for the restrooms, eager to lock himself in one as he would attempt to calm his flaring Panic Attack.

That all happened maybe ten minutes ago? He wasn't sure really. All he did at the moment was sit on a bathroom stall, softly mumbling to himself and tremble due to the sobs that wanted to escape his chapped, pale lips. He glared at his shaky fingers, closing them into a tight fist in attempt to stop the way he was feeling, Acting actually.

" Tyler? You in here?"

Tyler shivered aggresively at the familiar Voice.

Why was he hereDid he actually care at all?

" Y-yeah..I-uh-I'll be o-out in a little.. "

A minute later, Tyler wobbled out of the stall, still wet from twenty minutes ago when he was slumped on the sand and the waves crashed against him roughly.

Avoiding eye contact, he made his way to the Bathroom sinks and scrubbed his hands. He ignored the bright red patches of red skin and walked out of the bathroom, only to be tackled by Jenna. He didn't hug back. He just weakly stared at the ground, hiding his toes from his own eyes.

" You seem like you are tired. Maybe we could go home and rest up. You guys up for some chipotle or something ? "

Tyler mentally Screeched in irritation, but still nodded, following everyone back to the Van that was big enough for all of them to fit in.

He sat alone, staring out the window but could still feel someone's heavy stare from next to him. Josh was glancing at him, his expression gloomy and eyes dull with sadness.


First chapter, thanks to you for reading this ♡

I am very aware that I have other books up, and I'm sorry, but I just really love to write. I hope you guys don't mind me writing and posting one more thing :)

Stay alive and fierce , loves 

✿ j.m

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