this is a mix of Percy jackson and harry potter


6. Percy's P.V.O

" hey percy..."  Yha Hana, i mumbled. "You look like

you wanna talk before dracky comes..." Whattttttttt

DRacky!!! I shouted in my mind she even already has

a nick name for him!!! " sorry Percy, what did you say...

Im getting sleepy..." Nothing, im gonn see if we can get

of soon, i need some fresh air i snapped. I walked around

the train when i saw a compartment that only had 3 people

in it, a bushy brown haired girl, a red headed boy i think

he was one of the weasleys that Malfoy was talking about

, and a jet black haired boy with a scar and emerald green

eyes( some how resembled to me) which i guessed was

Harry Potter. I asked if they knew when we would get to

Hogwarts, nobody knew so i asked if i could sit with them

and introduced myself... " hi im percy  jackson whats your

names" . After 2 mins o silence harry spoke up" yes you

can sit here and my name is harry, harry potter". Than the

red headed boy spoke at the same time as the bushy brown

haired girl i let her speck first " im heromione granger, pleased

to meet you" and last the weasley...
" ri'm reon wesley" he said with his mouth full of chocolate frogs.

We sat and talked and we all wanted to be in Grifindor (yes!!!)

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