this is a mix of Percy jackson and harry potter


4. chap 2 Percy's P.V.O

That Draco boy he looks like he would be a nice friend but

he talks too much about a house in Hogwarts-slytherin he

really wants to be in slytherin. What iv heard i think id be

in grifindor even though its the most hated here, the house

only has brave people and it sounds like the harry potter boy

will be in it too.(dwell the heart of the brave) i cant wait but i

hope im with Hana whatever house where to be in .mom went

to beuxbox (she is part veela too)  Finally we reached to hogwarts

5 mins, me and Hana already change before hand so Draco and his

friends went to change into there robes,  me and Hana finaly got

time to talk for a while. But insted of talking she was on her doodle

pad drawing somthing that looked like Draco!!!! Why i think Hana has

a crush, she has never had a cruch before. She said she would never

fall in love after the summer before when we first came to camp half

blooded the month before, Hana had a crush on a boy named Ryan ,

i have to admit other than grover he was my best friend, he was nice...
*Snap out purse snap out! * ( in my mind)

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