Breaking the chain

Heather Reid a sixteen year old girl is found collapsed in Howdon - she has run away from her home on West Percy road North Shields, because she is pregnant. She is taken to Willington Quay Maternity hospital where upon she gives birth to a baby Girl that she names Dawn because the dawn was breaking when she was giving birth. After complications set in Heather dies of Toxaemia and her father will not bring up a bastard child. Dawn is adopted by two university lecturers - follow her story as her real father seeks her out and a court battle ensues. this is a tragic story that will have you reading until the end.


90. 90

“Me wife’s daft, she opened the door with some lipstick on hor gob- she puts it on wi a brush

 Mrs Thompson he said in a posh voice.’

Aye, come in take a seat.

I’m coming in to take the lot said the bloke.

And yer na that tha givin’ out OBE’s to anybody these days  they gave that Ann Packer a one for doing 800 metres – the bloke next door got four year and he only did two.

Bobby carried on with his act keeping the crowd entertained for half an hour.’

The crowd gave him a massive round of applause as he left the stage.’

The bingo followed and the women all took part. Alice was lucky enough to win a house which paid twenty pounds.’

She gave it to her husband and asked him to get the drinks in for everyone.’

Once the bingo was over with the last act came on stage. It wasn’t really Alice’s taste but she stayed to support her husband. When twenty past eleven came Alan and Brian made sure every one were making their way down stairs.

Once everyone was out the takings were checked and the till receipts. Then Brian and Alice were driven home by taxi as it was after twelve.’

“Well it was a good night up to that last band that came on.’

“The younger ones like it though Alice and we need to encourage them to stay as they will be the future of this club. “ Look at you talking like a real committee man now.’

“I just hope that rent collector doest know us or we will be right in it.’

Alice told him to say that it must be another Brian Reid. I mean look at how many Smiths lived in our street and none of them were related.

Yes, your right.’

They got into the taxi and directed the driver to their house.’



The next morning Jim Gales was ready to leave with Dawn and Rosina they ate a light breakfast before the limousine came for them and took them to Heathrow Airport.

“Well have you enjoyed yourself asked Jim to his daughter?’

“Yes it has been great; especially meeting Richard Burton and Ollie Reed.’

“This is just the beginning; just wait until your single and album are released.

 They walked through the check in then boarded the plane back to Newcastle.

Dawn picked up a copy of the newspaper and began to read it.’ There was a press photo of her sitting with Richard Burton and Oliver Reed on the entertainment pages. It said that she was tipped to reach number one with her single “Broken Hearts Can Never Mend” which would be in the shops tomorrow.’

Dawn was now very excited she handed the newspaper to her father who read it then said this is something that you will have to get used to princess. The press are going to be watching your every move. “They will look for something to discredit you; so you have to be squeaky clean.’

“When the plane landed in Newcastle the press were waiting for her and the camera’s clicked and the questions were flying. Jim managed to get Dawn and Rosina to his car and drive away. Once home they went inside and did not venture out.’

It was worse the next morning when her single was released.

Tony rang and told Jim that sales of Dawns record were flying.’

She would have to come back to London again later that week to one of HMV big record departments to promote the single if it went to number one. Top of the pops wanted her to make an appearance as well. Offers of interviews on television came 

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