Breaking the chain

Heather Reid a sixteen year old girl is found collapsed in Howdon - she has run away from her home on West Percy road North Shields, because she is pregnant. She is taken to Willington Quay Maternity hospital where upon she gives birth to a baby Girl that she names Dawn because the dawn was breaking when she was giving birth. After complications set in Heather dies of Toxaemia and her father will not bring up a bastard child. Dawn is adopted by two university lecturers - follow her story as her real father seeks her out and a court battle ensues. this is a tragic story that will have you reading until the end.


20. 20

That evening over dinner Doreen told dawn that she and her father would like to speak to her.

“Can we talk after my piano practice mother?’

“No I’m afraid not dear, this is important and it cannot wait.’

“Can you not just tell me now?’

“Yes we could but I do not want to spoil your dinner dear.’

“I’ve finished anyway mother she said as she pushed away her plate.

“What about your dessert?’

“I can have that later mother; please tell me what is going on?’

“Well; alright but I hope that you won’t get cross with us when we tell you.’

“Just tell me mother, please.’

“When you were born some years ago your father and I went to the hospital because we could not have children of our own. We adopted you Dawn because your real mother died when she was having you.’

“You’re kidding me right; said Dawn with a nervous smile.’

“No Dawn, your mother is telling the truth.’

“So you aren’t my real parents, is that what you are saying?’

“Yes, but we have both loved you as if you were our own child Dawn.’

“So who was my real mother then?’

“A girl called Heather Reid was your real mum.’

“A girl you say, how old was she?’

“She was only sixteen darling; she had lost a lot of blood and died of Toxaemia.’

“Who is my real father then?

“Someone called James Gales and he wants to meet you?’

“Well I do not wish to meet him; you are my mother and father she began to sob and Doreen and Gordon came over to hug her.’

“They cannot take me away from you can they?’

“Of course not, we signed all the legal papers when we brought you home with us.’

“Then why is this man who calls himself my father, want to see me now?’

“We don’t know dear but we are going to find out.’

“I do hope so mother; I don’t want to go and live somewhere else.’

“Can I go to my room now; I would like to be alone for a while?’

“Yes of course; but if you need to ask us anything Dawn just ask said her father.’

Dawn went into her room and closed the door she laid on her bed thinking.


There was a phone call to Jim Gales house from Richard Charnock who informed him that a letter had been sent to the adoptive parents and they now had to contact him regarding visitation rights.’

“Thanks’ Richard.’ So we wait now to see what happens.’

“Yes, ‘if they do not contact us then we will take action.’

How long do we wait?’

“I will give them a couple of weeks Jim then I will get back to them.

Good the sooner this is resolved the better it will be.’

“I agree, we have to think about the child here Jim not you. That is the angle we must pitch from in order to win this.’

“I understand that Richard, just do what ever it takes; I want to see her.

“Leave it with me Jim I will sort something; I promise.’

Jim hung up then sat back in the chair; he was no further forward he thought to himself.

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