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abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


3. three

space bar is still kindof messed up so I amso sorry for myspacing in this chapter. :(I've tried everything and it won't get unstuck. Love you guys. 


Monday may 13 2016 4:15pm


abby: i feel better.


aaron: that's good. :)


abby: yeah. How was your day?


aaron: okay. this girl @ school keeps annoying me.


abby: aw what did she do?




abby: yikes, sorry. 


aaron: it's not you tho.You couldn't of done anything bc ur sick and u don't go to my school. 


abby: I know. If you texted me about her during school I would've gone down there and slapped that bitch to China.


aaron: :) lol  please do. 


abby: i will. Promise. I have to go to my professors and get my sick work from today since I feel better. 


aaron: UGH! I found out that in 2 weeks I'll be at ur school for a football game. 




aaron: yeah.


abby: we can meet right?


aaron: yeah.


abby: yay <3 ttyl. <3


aaron: bye baby ily2.


I shut off my phone and stuff it in my pocket. The door to the dorm opens then slams shut, scaring me.  It's just my roommate Bella. "Have a bad day?" I Ask kind of laughing but trying not to. 


"Ya think?" Bella asks and throws her stuff on her bed.  


"Damn, sorry I asked. I'll be back in a few minutes." I Say and leave the dorm. Hopefully in the few minutes I'm gone, she can calm down or something. I exit the building and walk across campus to my first course. 


"Abigail, I'm glad you're feeling better." Mr. Rodriguez smiles. 


"Yeah, I am. What did I miss today?" I Ask putting my hands on the desk. Mr.Rodriguez is in his mid 20's and he is super attractive. All the females here swoon over him and I sort of do too but it's against school policy to date one of your professors. It's also kind of weird too.  


"We started working on a 10 page report on any celebrity that has died. The first 3 pages are due tomorrow. The rough drafts at least." Mr. Rodriguez states. 


"Any specific requirements?" I Ask.


"Um I'll email them to you. Your email is right?" Mr. Rodriguez asks turning to his laptop. 


"Yeah it is." I Smile. I notice his desktop background, his wife and son. He isn't his son though. His son is 17 so obviously not, he just married into the family. Mr. Rodriguez looks so good with his family. He's a really chill guy, he'd wear sweatpants to work if he could but sadly the rules say teachers can't do that which sucks. He opens his gmail and starts up a new email before turning back to me. 


"It should be in your inbox in about 20 minutes maybe." Mr. Rodriguez smiles.


"Thank you, sir." I Say.


"Please call me Matt. Abby, before you head out I have a question for you." He says. 


My stomach drops. Great, I've been failing literature almost all year, they've threatened to kick me out if I don't raise my grades. "Yeah Matt?" I Ask. 


"You have a D in this class." Matt says. 


"I know, I'm sorry." I Groan.


"Um I enjoy your prescense in this class. You are a star student. I couldn't bare to lose you. I can tutor you after you finish your courses." Matt suggests.


"Sure, when is good for you?" I Ask. 


"Wednesdays, and Thursdays are great for me. When do you finish your last course?" Matt asks.


"About 2:17 roughly." I State.


"Okay how about 2:30, we'll meet here and I can help you with whatever you need help on." Matt smiles widely. 


His fucking smile, it kills me. "S-sure thanks." I Say. 


"Any time Abby. Now you go get some rest." Matt says.


"Thanks.  Bye." I Say and leave the room, and practically die when I walk outside. He's such an attractive person I swear to god. I go to all my other classes with my boring teachers then go back to my dorm. Bella is listening to music on her laptop when I return. "You okay now?" I Ask.


She doesn't answer because she can't hear me. Maybe that's a good thing. I check my email to make sure I received the email from Matt. I read over the requirements and groan. That's so much. I grab my phone and text Aaron. 


monday may 13, 2016 7:45 pm


abby: hello govna


aaron: um hi.


abby: u seem like ur in a mood.


aaron: that stupid girl from school said she'll send everyone in my school nudes + tell them I raped her (i didnt) if I don't have sex with her and I don't know what to do. 


abby: that sucks.


aaron: any advice?


abby: ya know my little brother goes to that school, I'll have him slap that bitch.


aaron: who's ur brother?


abby: robert.


aaron: oh he hates me.


abby: oh yikes.


aaron: it's fine tbh.


abby: kay. ily. 


aaron: night abby.


abby: night...


I plug in my phone and groan, what crawled up aaron's dick and died? I start working on my literature project and my other homework/classwork. I eventually get super tired so I just shut my laptop and fall asleep.




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