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abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


7. seven

authors note: well hello yes, Hi!!! So the chapters are kinda short and I am sorry but it's hard to write a long chapter when they ain't together. Ya feel? So I am deeply sorry about that :( I DO THOUGH have new stories coming out!!! The sequel to The Popular Project which I have tried writing so many times but flopped each time. Also a Mario Selman fanfiction I already mentioned called "Hurt" I'm really excited and I hope you guys are too. Anyway enjoy chapter seven. 

Monday May 27, 2016 1:45 pm

aaron: hey, I'm on the bus w/ my team. We should be there in like 45 minutes.

Abby: yay! I'm so excited we get to meet finally. <3 Even tho it's only been like 3-4 weeks since we've known each other.

aaron: even tho we started dating so soon it shouldn't matter. If it's love it's okay. Right?

abby: yeah <3

aaron: <3 I love you so much. 

Abby: i think i love you more boy.

aaron: not possible. i love you more than anything else.

abby: you're an amazing person i hope you know.

aaron: course i know bc of you but you're better than i am.

aaron: sometimes i think you're too good for me.

abby: aw baby boy, i'm not too good for you. you are amazing. <3

aaron: thank you.

abby: I love you.

Abby: you're staying in a hotel tonight ok? I wanna be with you.

aaron: i have school tomorrow.

abby: ditch. I'll ditch too. <3

aaron: okay <3 I'll tell my coach I'm not going back. 

abby: k then i can drive u home so u can grab clothes maybe take a shower u nasty football player then come back.

aaron: it's a deal. <3

abby: awesome. i love you.

aaron: love you more. <3



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