messages {a.b.c.}

{Idk if this is red or yellow rating but i'm 13 and don't have red as an option so it's set as yellow. Proceed if you want}

blocked number: {image attachment}

abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


1. one

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters in this book unless they are created by me. So youtubers/viners/celebs are NOT mine but some of the characters are mine. Some characters are based off of other youtubers. ALSO a lot of this story is written in text language and twitter language and just social media language in general. Also the names in front of their text might change frequently because it's their name in each others contacts so like yeah!!! I love you all so much, I hope you guys enjoy this story a lot. <3 


                                                                                    sunday may 12, 2016 12:45 am


Unknown number: {image attachment}


abby: uh nice dick but who are you? lmao


unknown number: holy crap sorry. 


abby: r u really tho


unknown number: yea.


abby: what's ur name


unknown number: aaron, you?


abby: my name is abby. 


aaron: that name is hot. ;)


abby: ur weird.


aaron: can i see a pic


abby: of??


aaron: you.


abby: nah.


aaron: but u got a dick pic from me.


abby: bc i sent it. ;) lmao


aaron: pls


abby: ur a horny white boi.


aaron: u don't know i'm white. stop assuming


abby: ur white


abby: u cracker.


aaron: i h8 u.


abby: go to sleep. 


aaron: nah im good.


abby: fine. bye.


aaron: no stay


aaron: I am horny stay w/ me


abby: lmao no


aaron: please bby


abby: ugh fine.


aaron: yay <3 ily babe.


abby: take a step back


aaron: :(


abby: ily


aaron: ilysm.


abby: ihysm.


aaron: :( gross ass bitch


abby: fine bye.


aaron: :( no




aaron: you. ;)


abby: gtfo. 


aaron: fine bye. 

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