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abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


10. nine

he walks up to me when they WIN the game and I smile, hopping off the bleachers onto the grass. "You did amazing Aaron." I Smile looking into his beautiful brown eyes. 

His eyes meet mine and he smirks. "You look amazing." He compliments making me blush. 

I shake my head. "Haha i wish I looked good." I Say sighing.

"I'm gonna go change in the lockerroom. Wait here." Aaron says and jogs off after I nod my head. I sit on the bleachers and whistle, looking around at the field. If we're being 100% truthful I've never been out onto this field before. I don't play sports here, I don't watch sports here so I have no reason to be out here in reality. 

I smile remembering Aaron is gonna be staying here tonight with me. A couple of minutes later Aaron is walking back over to me and he sits to the right of me. "You look so beautiful in person I can't get over it." Aaron says smirking. 

Once again I blush and l look at him. "I'm so happy I can finally see you." I say.

"Me too Abby, me too." Aaron says before pulling me onto his lap. I rest my head on his collar bone and shut my eyes. 

"Good, I'm glad." I whisper, just loud enough for him to faintly hear me. 

"So I'm staying tonight correct?" Aaron asks.

"If you want. If you don't wanna you should run and catch your ride." I Chuckle opening my eyes.

He puts one hand on my thigh and kisses my forehead, making my heart flutter. "Of course I wanna stay. Know of any good hotels near-by?" 

"Hm, there's one down the street pretty cheap if you wanna go there." I Suggest and lay my head back down.

"Sure. You need to pack a back right?" He asks, fiddling with the end of my skirt. I scratch my nose and smile.

"Yes I do." I Say yawning.

"Then let's go pack your bag Abby." He says. I nod my head and stand up. He gets up seconds later and we walk all the way back to my dorm. Bella is in there preparing for bed when we return. 

"Bella, this is Aaron." I Say, looking at the two of them. 

"Hi Aaron nice to meet you." Bella smiles. 

"You too." He says before taking a seat on my bed. I'm glad I actually made it when I got up this morning. 

I grab a duffel out of my closet and start throwing some clothes and necessities into it. "We're staying at a hotel down the street." I Say and set my bag on my bed. 

Bella winks and smirks before flopping on her bed. "Have fun kids. Not too much though." She chuckles.

I blush and grab onto the end of one of my braids. "It'll be hard to resist." Aaron says making  me blush even harder. I zip my bag and throw it over my shoulder.

"At least use a condom." Bella says, trying to contain her laughs. 

I take a deep breath before looking at Aaron who is staring at me. "You ready Aaron?" I Ask nicely.


I wave to Bella as we exit the dorm. We walk to my car, our hands interlocked. "Bella seems nice." Aaron says.

"She is most of the time." I Say quickly.

We arrive at my car and throw our stuff in the trunk. "Should I drive?" Aaron asks.

"You're not from around here and probably dont know the area well so I'll drive." I Say and open my door. I climb in and he does the same.

I stick my key in the slot and turn it so the car starts. I turn on the radio and tap my fingers on the steering wheel to the beat as we drive away from the campus. We pull into the hotel parking lot and I pull into a parking place right near the door. I get out and walk around the other side of the car and meet Aaron on the sidewalk by the door. He jogs over to it and opens it for me as I walk inside. 

We approach the front desk and the woman standing there smiles at us. "Excuse me do you have any available rooms?" Aaron asks nicely.

"Yes we do. How many?" She  asks even though it's sorta obvious.

"One room." I Say smiling.

She searches up something on her computer. "How many beds one or two?" She asks.

My stomach sinks in nervousness. I dont wanna say one bed because what if Aaron wants two but i dont want Aaron to think I'm uncomfortable with sleeping in the same bed as him.  Aaron responds to her before I can. "One please." He says and winks at me. I take a sigh of relief and the woman smiles walking over to a machine, sliding in a key. 

"It's 75 for one night." She says sliding the keys across the counter to us. Aaron busts out his wallet and grabs his debit card, handing it to the lady. She swipes it and hands it back to him happily. We grab our keys and put them in our pockets as she talks to us. "Room 304. Third floor all the way at the end. Enjoy." She says waving to us. 

Aaron and I walk back out to my car and grab our things before once again entering the lobby and walking down the hall. I unlock the door and enter before Aaron does. My mouth gapes open as I take in the surroundings. It's a large suite with a small kitchenette, a bed, a tv, some seating spots, flowers, cards for room service on the table, and a big attached bathroom. It has to be a couples suite. "It's amazing." I Say setting  down my bag. 

'You can say that again."



AYE I'm back !!!

Sorry for not updating for like 78 years but here I am.

YOU CAN GUARANTEE an update soon because I have an idea for the next chapter.

I'm gonna TRY and carry this out for as long as possible without making it seem too dragged out.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter of them MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME !!!

I am excited for chapter 10 bc i already know what I generally want to happen which is lit.

Have a lovely day <3


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