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blocked number: {image attachment}

abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


5. five

a/n: idk about this chappie man. shit might go downnnnnnnnn. BUT i changed Matt Rodriguez one of the professors to a math teacher kay? Kay.

Wednesday May 15, 2016 2:25 pm

Abby: hi ;)


aaron: HEY BABY ;)


abby: I have tutoring in a few but i have like 10 mins so I decided to text you. <3


aaron: yay <3 I love you princessa. 


abby: thanks king. 


king: you're welcome. <3 do you love me?


princessa: yes obvi


king: <3 send me a video of you darlin.


princessa: why? i'm sitting at a table on campus.


king: please???


princessa: UGH! Fine you fucktard you owe me big time.


king: oh when we meet I'll make it up to you so damn right princessa. 


I blush but click onto my camera, I turn the camera  so it faces me and I press the big red button. "Hi my king. I don't know what you wanted me to do or say so hello king aaron." I say and end the video. I send it to him and smile. Shit, I have to go.


princessa: gtg to tutoring.  love you. <3


king: bye princessa. Thanks for the vid.


I shut off my phone and stuff it in my jeans pocket. I rush to my literature class (yes I have to take it) "Sorry I'm late Matt." I say, entering the room. 


"No big deal Abigail. I'm here late most nights anyway." Matt says standing up from his chair. I take a seat at a table and try not to drool over him.


"Okay so what do you feel you're struggling with most?" Matt asks.


I look over my notes and shrug. "Everything."  I say groaning.


"Um okay." Matt says, grabbing his notebook.


"You're hot." I blurt out accidentally. He looks back at me and smiles. 


"Abigail, you're very attractive yourself. I can barley resist kissing you whenever I see you." Matt says, approaching me making my heart skip. 


"So do it." I Say. Matt leans in close, so we're breathing on each other. Someone knocks on the door startling both of us and he backs away, and opens the door. I just sit there, not even thinking about what they're saying to each other. It's one of my other professors. "Uh, Abby you can leave if you want. We can continue next week." Matt says,leaning on his desk. I smile and get up from the seat. I wave before leaving the room and heading back to my dorm. 


Wednesday May 15, 2016 6:45 pm


abby: hi aaron.


aaron: sup dawg.


abby: wyd.


aaron: nothing that i wanna be doing :(


abby: same.


aaron: i love you.


abby: ily2.


aaron: no. i actually love you <3 I'm not just some guy behind a screen. I have real feelings for you. I love you so much Abigail, will you be my girlfriend?


a/n: Okay I've been offline for so long so sorry about that. I am finally updating. You're lucky bc I came to edit and update but then saw I had a whole chapter written that I ever uploaded. It's summer as of one week ago so :))) more updates. I do write more on wattpad and quotev so if ur interested then like hmu. I just slid that self-promo in there. <3 New fanfic coming soon? Mario selman fanfic, if you know who he is then applaud yourself if not then smh @ u look him up + watch his videos he's so funny and simply lit and attractive as shit. <3



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