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abby: uh nice dick, who is this?


12. eleven

As I open my tired eyes I hear birds singing outside. I click on my phone and check the time. 10:45 am I place my phone back on the table and look at Aaron. His left arm wrapped tightly around my waist, giving me the inability to move away from him. "Don't get up baby." he grumbles into my chest. I run my hands through his messy brown hair and kiss his forehead.

"I won't." i whisper to him. he adjusts his body so we're both looking at each other.

He smiles and shuts his eyes. "What should we do today?" he asks. 

I sigh and think about the things that we could do today. "How about we go for a walk in he park. Have a picnic." I suggest. I've never had an official boyfriend before so I'm really wanting to be a stereotypical cute ass couple. The kind that hold hands in public, give each other endless love, and get cringed at for being all lovey in public.

"Anything for you baby." And he kisses my forehead.

I slide out of his grasp and get up from the warm inviting bed and onto the cold floor. I slowly walk over to my bag of clothes and sit on the floor near it. I unzip the bag and look through it rushingly looking for a park appropriate outfit. "Aaron do you know what the temperature is supposed to be today?" I Ask, as I stop looking through my now messy bag.

"Like 60 I think." He mumbles from the messy bed. I sigh and grab an outfit from my bag. I almost trip over my feet walking to the ratchet bathroom. I flip the light switch on and shut the brown bathroom door behind me. I stare at myself in the mirror for exactly 40 seconds. What does Aaron see in me? What does he like about me? I slowly slip into my outfit and apply my makeup messily. I brush through my hair and finally leave the bathroom. Aaron is sitting on the edge of the perfectly made bed in his outfit, looking down at his phone.

"Took long enough." He chuckles standing up. I approach him and fall into his arms and shut my eyes. I don't believe in god but damn, I've been blessed by this lovely boy.




fuck this was short.

sorry the chapter was so short i needed to get SOMETHING up.


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